A Christmas Prince is a 2017 American Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Alex Zamm.

Official trailers

Netflix on Thursday, November 16, 2017 released the trailer:
A Christmas Prince | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

An aspiring young American magazine journalist, Amber Moore, is sent to the foreign nation of Aldovia to cover a press conference with the crown prince Richard, who is set to take the throne following his father's recent death. Richard is alleged to be an irresponsible playboy and is also rumored to be planning to abdicate. Amber hopes her work in Aldovia will lead to a big break and she heads to the royal family's palace for the press conference, but the prince fails to appear, frustrating the assembled journalists. Amber decides to snoop around the palace and while doing so is mistaken for young Princess Emily's new tutor, Martha Anderson. Amber takes the opportunity to go undercover to investigate the rumors of abdication. Emily, who has spina bifida, intentionally tries to prank Amber into quitting, but soon warms up to her after Amber treats her like a normal girl. Amber also meets Richard, whom she is embarrassed to realize she insulted earlier after he, incognito, stole the cab she was about to get into at the Aldovian airport. Amber quickly becomes attracted to Richard upon learning that, contrary to rumors, he is actually a compassionate and responsible family man, though he is indeed reluctant to take the throne. During this time she also learns from Emily that Richard's cousin Simon is next in line for the throne, which he sorely wants; Amber also encounters Richard's ex-girlfriend Sophia, who Richard suspects was only interested in him for his future title. Amber is eventually confronted by Emily, who reveals that she knows the truth about her identity. Amber prepares to leave, but Emily agrees to not reveal her secret so long as she writes a story that exposes Richard for the real person he is and ends the negative rumors about him.


Rose McIver
Ben Lamb
Prince Richard
Tom Knight
Prime Minister Denzil
Sarah Douglas
Mrs. Averill
Daniel Fathers
Alice Krige
Queen Helena
Tahirah Sharif
Richard Ashton
Mr. Little
Theo Devaney
Count Simon
Vaughn Joseph
Honor Kneafsey
Princess Emily
Amy Marston
Max Golding
Joel McVeagh
Emma Louise Saunders
Baroness Sophia
Paul Courtenay Hyu
Deputy Press Secretary Gill


The film A Christmas Prince was scheduled to be released by Netflix on November 17, 2017.

The duration of the film is 92 minutes.


A Christmas Prince got high rating from critics. But the audience dislikes the film.

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