Another Life is an American science fiction drama web television series directed by Aaron Martin.

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Netflix on Thursday, July 11, 2019 released the trailer:
Another Life - Katee Sackhoff | Official Trailer | Netflix.

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Another Life follows the story of an astronaut and a space crew, who are on a mission to investigate the origins of an alien artifact that mysteriously appeared on Earth. As the crew attempt to search for alien intelligence, they face inexplicable horrors that might signal the end of their mission.


Katee Sackhoff
Niko Breckinridge, an astronaut
Selma Blair
Harper Glass, a media influencer
Tyler Hoechlin
Ian Yerxa, an astronaut and the former commander of The Salvare space explorations ship
Justin Chatwin
Erik Wallace, a member of the United States Interstellar Command, dedicated to finding intelligent life out in the universe
Samuel Anderson
William, a holographic interface of a sentient A.I. onboard The Salvare
Elizabeth Ludlow
Cas Isakovic, Niko's second-in-command aboard The Salvare
Blu Hunt
August, the lead engineer and youngest member of the crew aboard The Salvare
A.J. Rivera
Bernie Martinez, the Salvare's microbiologist and part-time chef
Alexander Eling
Javier Almanzar, a former hacker
Alex Ozerov
Oliver Sokolov, one of The Salvare's engineers
Jake Abel
Sasha Harrison, the son of the U.S. Secretary of Defense, serving as the government's representative and diplomatic liaison aboard The Salvare
JayR Tinaco
Zayn Petrossian, the Salvare's medic
Jessica Camacho
Michelle Vargas, the Salvare's communications expert
Barbara Williams
General Blair Dubois, General of United States Interstellar Command, in charge of United States' response to the Artifact
Greg Hovanessian
Beauchamp, Niko's second-in-command The Salvare
Lina Renna
Jana Breckinridge-Wallace, the daughter of Niko and Erik


The series is produced by Halfire Entertainment.

Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.

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