Cold Pursuit is a 2019 action thriller film directed by Hans Petter Moland.

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StudiocanalUK on Friday, February 01, 2019 released the trailer:
COLD PURSUIT - Official Trailer - Starring Liam Neeson.

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After being awarded "Citizen of the Year" by the fictional ski resort of Kehoe, Colorado, snowplow driver Nels Coxman's quiet life is disrupted when his son dies from a forced heroin overdose. Nels' wife Grace has a psychotic breakdown and leaves her husband in grief. He is about to commit suicide when he learns that his son was murdered by a Denver drug cartel. He decides to seek vigilante justice, makes a sawed-off rifle, and kills three members of the cartel, dumping their bodies in a nearby river. The cartel's leader, drug lord Trevor "Viking" Calcote, first suspects that these deaths are the work of his rival White Bull, a Ute with whom he has so far avoided conflict. Viking has one of Bull's gangsters murdered, not knowing it is Bull's only son. This drives Bull to seek revenge ("a son for a son"), and he orders his men to kidnap Viking's young son. Nels seeks advice from his brother Brock, once a mob enforcer known as "Wingman", and learns about Viking. Brock tells Nels that killing Viking requires a hired assassin, and recommends a transplanted African American hitman known as "the Eskimo". The Eskimo agrees to kill Viking for $90,000, but decides he can get another $90,000 from Viking by informing him that "Coxman" has hired him for the hit. Viking doesn't appreciate the Eskimo's "lack of professional ethics" and kills him. He thinks the Eskimo meant Brock Coxman, and takes him for his "last ride". Since Brock is dying of cancer, he takes responsibility for the hits to protect his brother.


Liam Neeson
Nels Coxman
Tom Bateman
Trevor 'Viking' Calcote
Emmy Rossum
Kim Dash
Domenick Lombardozzi
Tom Jackson
White Bull
Laura Dern
Grace Coxman
Julia Jones
John Doman
John 'Gip' Gipsky
Michael Eklund
Aleks Paunovic
Detective Osgard
Bradley Stryker
Benjamin Hollingsworth
Micheál Richardson
Kyle Coxman
William Forsythe
Wesley MacInnes
David O'Hara
Nicholas Holmes
Nathaniel Arcand
Christopher Logan
Michael Adamthwaite
Mitchell Saddleback
Elysia Rotaru
Diner Waitress
Elizabeth Thai
Ben Cotton
Gus Halper
Arnold Pinnock
The Eskimo
Kyle Nobess
Simon Legrew
Manna Nichols
Glen Gould
War Dog
Glenn Wrage
Michael Bean
Nels Lennarson
Chuck Schalm
Jim Shield
Jaded Coroner
Glenn Ennis
Night Club Bouncer
Chris W. Cook
Ski Bum (as Chris Cook)
Raoul Max Trujillo
Thorpe (as Raoul Trujillo)
Venus Terzo
Dani Alvarado
Victor Zinck Jr.
Drunken Ski Dude
Bart Anderson
Blizzard Bartender
Gary Sekhon
Denver Cabbie
Emily Maddison
Gorgeous Woman
Ben Sullivan
Travis MacDonald
Ski Lift Attendant
Loretta Walsh
Resort Clerk
Max Montesi
Paragliding Instructor
Peter Strand Rumpel
Viking's Thug


Principal photography began in March 2017, in Alberta, Canada.

The film Cold Pursuit was scheduled to be released on February 8, 2019 (United States), on February 22, 2019 (United Kingdom) and on February 28, 2019 (Germany) by Summit Entertainment, A Contracorriente Films, Axinite Digicinema, Bona Film Group, Constantin-Film, Eagle, Energía Entusiasta, Impuls Pictures, Kadokawa, Lionsgate, NOS Audiovisuais, Pro Video Film & Distribution Kft., Shaw Organisation, Spentzos Films, StudioCanal, The Searchers and Joy n Cinema.

The duration of the film is 118 minutes. With a budget of $60 million, the film grossed over $76.2 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Cold Pursuit got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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