Don't Let Go is a 2019 American supernatural horror thriller film directed by Jacob Aaron Estes.
Starring David Oyelowo, Storm Reid, Byron Mann, Mykelti Williamson, Alfred Molina, Brian Tyree Henry, Shinelle Azoroh, April Grace, Omar Leyva, Sarkis Ninos and others.

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Blumhouse Productions on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 released the trailer:
Don't Let Go - Official Trailer (2019).

What is Don't Let Go about?

The movie starts with Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo), a homicide detective, getting a call from his niece Ashley (Storm Reid). Ashley's father Garrett (Brian Tyree Henry) has forgotten to collect her from the movie theater. Ashley dislikes her father Garrett due to his bipolar disorder and past years of drug abuse. Ashley urges Jack to intervene on her behalf and have a word with her father. The next day Jack receives a phone call from Ashley that comments on how Garrett "got an ear-full" and everything appears to be great. However, a few hours later, Jack receives a garbled call from Ashley that indicates that she is in trouble. Jack races to Ashley's home to find Garrett, Ashley's mother and Ashley murdered. Garrett is found with a bullet wound to the head and container full of cocaine beside him. It appears to be a murder-suicide. Jack blames himself thinking that his chastising of Garrett sparked this murder-suicide.
Two weeks later, he receives a phone call from Ashley's phone. Jack calls it back but the number is disconnected. He receives a further call and realizes that he somehow can communicate with Ashley in the past. Jack decides to investigate the murder and try and save Ashley. He decides to covertly help her re-arrange events in her life in the hope of preventing the murder-suicide. It quickly becomes apparent that Garrett was not responsible for the attack and in fact, he was a victim along with his family. With the help of Ashley, Jack and his partner Bobby, a fellow homicide detective, they begin to uncover evidence of an underground network of drug dealing cops working for an unknown figure called "Georgie". Garrett's old connections to the drug underworld appear to have finally caught up with him.

Who's in the Don't Let Go cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of Don't Let Go.

David Oyelowo Detective Jack Radcliff Ashley's uncle and Garret's brother
Storm Reid Ashley Radcliff Garret's daughter and Jack's niece
Byron Mann Sergeant Roger Martin
Mykelti Williamson Bobby Owens
Alfred Molina Howard Keleshian
Brian Tyree Henry Garret Radcliff Ashley's father and Jack's brother
Shinelle Azoroh Susan Radcliff
April Grace Sergeant Julia Rodriguez
Omar Leyva Property Officer #1
Sarkis Ninos Property Officer #2 (as Nino Sarks)
Ray Barnes Reverend Ray

When is Don't Let Go released in cinemas?

The film Don't Let Go was scheduled to be released on January 27, 2019 (Sundance) and on August 30, 2019 (United States) by OTL Releasing, BH Tilt and Universal Pictures.

What are Don't Let Go film specifications?

The duration of the film is 107 minutes. With a budget of $5 million, the film grossed over $5.3 million.

Don't Let Go filming. Principal photography began in July 2017.

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