Doughlings: Invasion is a Space Invaders-style fixed shooter video game by , developed by and .

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PlayStation Europe on Thursday, August 22, 2019 released the trailer:
Doughlings: Invasion | Gameplay Trailer | PS4.

What is Doughlings: Invasion about?

Doughlings: Invasion is a fixed shooter game that features innovative gameplay mechanics through its wacky characters and formerly established world while maintaining all the best qualities that Space Invaders games have to offer polished with a modern look and design. It utilizes the timeless gameplay mechanics of the genre, spiced up with power-ups and challenging levels.
As is the immutable rule of the genre you make sure that Dr. Morpheus clears the screen using all the power-ups and unique attacks while avoiding getting hit. Going beyond the traditional power-ups, Doughlings: Invasion utilizes the "Show Off" mechanic of the original - super abilities that you can unleash to change the course of every level. With each character a unique "Show Off" ability becomes at your disposal.
You find the hidden DNAs within the levels and morph into 5 different personas throughout the game. Via an RPG-style leveling up system you use elixirs that you collect within the levels to activate powerful abilities. As you make progress and complete the harder levels you face new enemies that present game changing challenges including a variety of bosses at the end of each level that require serious stratagem.
Additionally you can use the skills you develop as you battle through the normal mode and venture into new challenges for yourself as you tackle the further difficult modes with their dramatically different gameplay dynamics. Furthermore you can compete for the high scores on the cross-platform global scoreboards across all difficulty levels.

When is Doughlings: Invasion released?

Doughlings: Invasion was scheduled to be released on July 10, 2019, on July 31, 2019, on August 1, 2019, on August 8, 2019 and on August 22, 2019 by Hero Concept.

What are Doughlings: Invasion game specifications?

This video game is available for the following platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The game Doughlings: Invasion is rated with E rating.

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