Elisa & Marcela is a 2019 Spanish biographical romantic drama film directed by Isabel Coixet.

Official trailers

Netflix on Monday, May 13, 2019 released the trailer:
Elisa and Marcela | Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

The first same-sex marriage in Spain to take place after the Roman Imperial era occurred on 8 June 1901. Two women, Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga, attempted to get married in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). 1885. They meet at the school where they both study. What begins as a close friendship ends in a romantic relationship that they must keep secret. Marcela's parents are suspicious and send her abroad for a couple of years. When she returns, the reunion with Elisa is magical and they decide to share a life together. Now the focus of social pressure and gossip, they decide to map out a plan. Elisa will leave town for a time in order to come back disguised as Mario and be able to marry Marcela. But nothing will be that easy for this forbidden love.


Natalia de Molina
Greta Fernández
Sara Casasnovas
Tamar Novas
María Pujalte
Madre de Marcela
Francesc Orella
Padre de Marcela
Manolo Solo
Lluís Homar
Gobernador Oporto
Kelly Lua
Manuel Lourenzo
Párroco Victor Cortiella
Jorge Suquet
Médico de Dumbría
Ana Santos
Vecina Mayor
Mariana Carballal
Monja / Profesora Historia
Roberto Leal
Sacerdote de Dumbría
Luisa Merelas
Monja Ciega
Amparo Moreno
Jefa Cocina Oporto
Roberto Alvite
Andrea Caldas
Bella Agossou
Covadonga Berdiñas
Sacha Elie
Flor (V) (voice)
Tania Lamata
Country Woman
Joseba Maiza
Portuguese guard
Lucas Pinheiro
Marta Ribeiro
Marcela's prison partner
Elena Seijo
Milo Taboada


The film Elisa & Marcela was scheduled to be released on February 13, 2019 (Berlin), on May 24, 2019 (Spain) and on June 7, 2019 by Netflix.


Elisa & Marcela got average rating from critics.

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