Frozen II is a 2019 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.
Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, Jason Ritter, Delaney Rose Stein and others.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios on Monday, September 23, 2019 released the trailer:
Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2.

What is Frozen II about?

King Agnarr (Alfred Molina) of Arendelle tells a story to his young daughters, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell), that their grandfather, King Runeard (Jeremy Sisto), had established a treaty with a neighboring tribe called the Northuldra by building a massive dam in their homeland, the Enchanted Forest, to strengthen their resources. However, a fight of unknown origins occurs, resulting in Runeard's death and enraging the ancient elemental spirits of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air of the forest. The spirits disappear and a wall of magical mist traps everyone left inside. Young Agnarr (Jackson Stein) barely escapes due to the help of an unknown savior.
Three years after her coronation, Elsa celebrates the annual autumn festival with Anna, Olaf (Josh Gad) the snowman, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) the ice harvester and Kristoff's reindeer Sven, but is distracted by a mysterious ethereal voice calling out to her that only she can hear. Later that night, she once again hears the voice calling out and follows it outside. Using her ice magic to try and communicate with it, she unintentionally reawakens the spirits, which wreck havoc all over Arendelle. The citizens are forced to flee and evacuate to the cliffs just outside the kingdom. Grand Pabbie (Ciarán Hinds) and the Rock Troll colony arrive and informs the gang that they must discover the truth behind the unknown war and set things right.
Following the voice, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven set off to the Enchanted Forest. After the mist parts at Elsa's touch and the gang enters, the Air spirit, in the form of a tornado, appears and sweeps everyone in its vortex. Elsa uses her magic to stop it, forming a set of ice sculptures in the process. The sisters discover the sculptures are images from their father's past. They encounter the Northuldra and a troop of Arendellian soldiers who are still in conflict with one another. When the Fire spirit appears, Elsa discovers the spirit to be an agitated magical salamander and once again calms it with her magic. Elsa and Anna arrange a truce between the soldiers and the Northuldra after discovering that their mother, Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood), was a Northuldran who had saved Agnarr, an Arendellian. They later learn the existence of a fifth spirit who will unite the people with the magic of nature.

Who's in the Frozen II cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of Frozen II.

Kristen Bell Anna Princess of Arendelle, and Elsa's younger sister
Idina Menzel Elsa Queen of Arendelle and Anna's elder sister
Josh Gad Olaf a sentient snowman created by Elsa's magic
Jonathan Groff Kristoff an ice harvester and Anna's boyfriend
Sterling K. Brown Mattias the leader of a group of Arendelle soldiers
Evan Rachel Wood Iduna the mother of Elsa and Anna, and wife of Agnarr
Alfred Molina Agnarr the father of Elsa and Anna and husband of Iduna
Martha Plimpton Yelena leader of the Northuldra tribe
Jason Ritter Ryder a member of the Northuldra, Honeymaren's brother
Delaney Rose Stein Young Iduna
Rachel Matthews Honeymaren a member of the Northuldra, Ryder's sister
Jackson Stein Young Agnarr
Jeremy Sisto Runeard Agnarr's father and the grandfather of Elsa and Anna
Ciarán Hinds Pabbie the leader of the Rock Trolls
Alan Tudyk Guard / Northuldra Leader / Arendellian Soldier / Duke of Weselton
Hadley Gannaway Young Anna
Mattea Conforti Young Elsa
Aurora Aksnes The Voice (as Aurora)
Santino Fontana Hans (archive sound)
Livvy Stubenrauch Young Anna (archive sound)
Eva Bella Young Elsa (archive sound)
Maia Wilson Bulda
Stephen J. Anderson Kai (as Stephen John Anderson)
Paul Briggs Marshmallow
Halima Hudson Halima (as Halima V. Hudson)
Isabella Acres Additional Voices
Stephen Apostolina Additional Voices
Kimberly Bailey Additional Voices
David Boat Additional Voices
June Christopher Additional Voices
Antonio Raul Corbo Additional Voices (as Anthonio Corbo)
David Cowgill Additional Voices
Wendy Cutler Additional Voices
Hudson D'Andrea Additional Voices
Grey Griffin Additional Voices (as Grey Delisle-Griffin)
Jessica DiCicco Additional Voices
Terri Douglas Additional Voices
Robin Atkin Downes Additional Voices
Phil LaMarr Additional Voices
Nick A Fisher Additional Voices (as Nick Fisher)
Jackie Gonneau Additional Voices
Franck Gourlat Additional Voices
Daniel Kaz Additional Voices
Arnaud Léonard Additional Voices
Mimi Maynard Additional Voices
Scott Menville Additional Voices
Melanie Minichino Additional Voices
Max Mittelman Additional Voices
Matt Nolan Additional Voices
Capri Oliver Additional Voices
Arthur Ortiz Additional Voices
Paul Pape Additional Voices
Michael Ralph Additional Voices
Akai Robinson Additional Voices
Lynwood Robinson Additional Voices
Maddix Robinson Additional Voices
Kaitlyn Robrock Additional Voices
Violet Grace Schaffer Additional Voices (as Violet Schaffer)
Pepper Sweeney Additional Voices
Fred Tatasciore Additional Voices
Jean-Alain Velardo Additional Voices
Kari Wahlgren Additional Voices
Matthew Wood Additional Voices

When is Frozen II released in cinemas?

The film Frozen II was scheduled to be released on November 7, 2019 (Dolby Theatre), on November 20, 2019 (Germany, Turkey, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam), on November 21, 2019 (People's Republic of China, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan), on November 22, 2019 (United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Mexico, India, Japan), on November 23, 2019 (Hong Kong), on November 27, 2019 (Italy), on November 28, 2019 (Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, New Zealand, Australia, Chile), on November 29, 2019 (Venezuela), on December 6, 2019 (South Africa) and on December 27, 2019 (Lithuania) by Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR), Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Feelgood Entertainment, Forum Hungary, Kinomania, Meloman, NOS Audiovisuais, Press Play Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Japan, Global TV, Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

What are Frozen II film specifications?

The duration of the film is 103 minutes. With a budget of $150 million, the film grossed over $1.450 billion.

The film Frozen II is rated with "PG" rating.

What are critics and audiences saying about Frozen II?

Frozen II got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.9/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 77/100. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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