Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game by Sony Interactive Entertainment, developed by .

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PlayStation on Thursday, December 12, 2019 released the trailer:
Ghost of Tsushima -The Ghost | PS4.

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Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure stealth game. Played from a third-person perspective, the game features a large open world without any waypoints and can be explored without guidance. Players can travel to different parts of the game's world quickly by riding a horse. An item that acts as a grappling hook will be available to access areas that are difficult to reach. The game will feature side quests. Other characters can be interacted with. Players can engage in direct confrontation with enemies using weapons such as a katana. They can also chain up a series of fatal assaults after highlighting the enemies. Alternatively, utilizing stealth allows to evade from enemies and strike them silently. One-versus-one dueling with non-playable characters is also optional. Set on Tsushima Island in 1274, the game revolves around the last samurai, Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji), during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Jin will have to master a new fighting style, the way of the Ghost, to defeat the Mongol Empire and fight for the freedom and independence of Japan.


Ghost of Tsushima was scheduled to be released on September 30, 2020 by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It is a single-player video game.

This video game is available for the following platforms: PlayStation 4.

The game had received M rating.

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