Good Sam is a 2019 American drama film directed by Kate Melville.

Official trailers

Netflix on Wednesday, May 01, 2019 released the trailer:
Good Sam | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

Kate Bradley is a young reporter working on tragic stories, known as the "bummer beat." She lives in New York City. One day, she covers a big fire happening at an abandoned warehouse, and a firefighter rescues her from danger. She runs the story, but her boss reprimands her for putting her life on the line. Kate goes to an event where her father is speaking. He is a politician and from their phone conversation beforehand, it is discovered that Kate has little interest or faith in politics. There, she meets Jack Hansen, a hedge fund manager who asks her out. She turns him down. Kate goes to a staff meeting the next day, and her boss gives her a different kind of story to work on: a woman named Christina found $100,000 in cash in a bag with a sideways eight on it on her front doorstep. She believes a Good Samaritan gave it to her. It had no note attached or anything else there except for the bag of money. Kate goes to interview the woman, and along the way we find out that Kate is cynical and believes the person had an ulterior motive. Christina, however, is an optimist who sees the good in others. Bags of money begin to appear all over New York City, all on a doorstep of someone in need or someone who wants to help out a good cause, most without a note or anything else on them. In the meantime, Kate discovers security camera footage of the man behind the money. She tracks the man who she thinks to be him down and finds out that he is actually Eric, the firefighter that saved her life at the big fire, but he claims he is not Good Sam, the nickname Kate and her boss have given the Good Samaritan. An intern interrupts a meeting one day, telling Kate that a man wants to meet with her, as he claims to be Good Sam. She calls his bluff, however, and he leaves. Kate's boss begins to wonder if the story is worth chasing after all.


Tiya Sircar
Kate Bradley, a young and talented reporter whose potential for reporting and optimism are fully realized by the end of the film
Chad Connell
Eric Hayes, a firefighter
Marco Grazzini
Jack Hansen, a hedge fund manager
Jesse Camacho
Josh, the cameraman Kate works with
Mark Camacho
David Dyal, the boss at the department Kate works at
Elana Dunkelman
Lauren, a reporter with Channel 12
Kelly Hope Taylor
Susan Andrews, a senior reporter with fifteen years and an Emmy award under her belt
Kenny Wong
Ed, a reporter with Channel 12
Daniela Sandiford
Alex, a reporter with Channel 12
Christina Tannous
Christina Gomez, childhood babysitter of Eric and Patrick, as well as the first cash recipient
Ivan Smith
Senator Ashok Bradley, Kate's father as well as a senator
Stefanie Nakamura
Channel 9 News Reporter
Scott Humphrey
Channel 3 News Reporter
Jodie Lynn Resther
Faith Haywood, a paralegal
Vince Benvenuto
Jesse Durham, a family friend of Eric and Patrick's
Nick Walker
Tyler Nesbit
Mylėne Dinh-Robic
Marie Ellis, Patrick's doctor and a recipient of the original Good Sam
Brittany Drisdelle
Robert Crooks
Patrick, Eric's late brother (Photo)


The film Good Sam was scheduled to be released on May 16, 2019 by Netflix.

The duration of the film is 90 minutes.


Good Sam got high rating from critics.

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