Halloween is a 2018 American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green.

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Universal Pictures on Wednesday, September 05, 2018 released the trailer:
Halloween - New Trailer .

Story intro

On October 29, 2018, Michael Myers, who has been in Warren County Smith's Grove Sanitarium for forty years since his killing spree in Haddonfield, is being prepared to be transferred to a new facility. True-crime podcasters Aaron Korey and Dana Haines interview Michael's psychiatrist Dr. Ranbir Sartain, a former student of Dr. Samuel Loomis until he died, before meeting with Michael in hopes of gaining some insight into his past actions. Aaron brandishes the mask that Michael wore in 1978, at him, to no effect. In Haddonfield, Illinois, Laurie Strode is living an isolated life, in her heavily fortified house. She has been divorced twice, has a strained relationship with her daughter Karen, and has turned to alcohol. Laurie is far from happy, as the tragic events from 1978 still haunt her; she has prepared for Michael's potential return through combat training. The following night, Michael's transport crashes, and he escapes, killing a father and his son for their car, and returns home to Haddonfield. The following day, on Halloween, Michael spots Aaron and Dana visiting his sister Judith's grave in the local cemetery, and follows them to a gas station, where he kills them, as well as a mechanic for his coveralls, and recovering his mask. Police officer Hawkins, who arrested Michael in 1978, learns of Michael's getaway, and tries to convince Sheriff Barker about the danger Michael poses. Laurie discovers Michael's getaway after overhearing a news broadcast and attempts to warn Karen and her husband Ray, but they dismiss her concerns. Later that night, Allyson, Karen's daughter, finds her boyfriend Cameron cheating on her, and leaves with his best friend, Oscar. Michael steals a kitchen knife, and kills two women. Allyson's best friend Vicky babysits Julian Morrisey, when Michael fatally stabs Vicky, when she sacrifices herself to protect Julian. Laurie finds Michael, and he and Laurie come face-to-face for the first time in forty years. Laurie shoots Michael, who flees, and she persuades Karen and Ray to seek protection in her house. Michael comes across Allyson and Oscar, killing the latter. Both Hawkins and Sartain, who is now working with the police, arrive just in time to save Allyson. Hawkins subdues Michael, but Sartain - obsessed with Michael's enigmatic motivations - kills Hawkins before he can kill Michael. Sartain reveals to Allyson that he arranged for Michael's escape to reinforce his perceived role as an "apex predator" who needs to finish what he started and kill Laurie to reassert himself. Hoping to see his patient in action, Sartain is instead killed by Michael. Allyson flees to Laurie's house, where Michael appears and kills Ray.


Jamie Lee Curtis
Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Michael Myers' 1978 killing spree, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
Judy Greer
Karen Nelson (née Strode), Laurie's daughter
Sophia Miller
young Karen
Andi Matichak
Allyson Nelson, Karen's daughter and Laurie's granddaughter
James Jude Courtney
Michael Myers / The Shape, the masked figure
Nick Castle
Michael Myers (window shot)
Will Patton
Officer Hawkins, a police officer
Virginia Gardner
Vicky, Allyson's best friend
Haluk Bilginer
Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Michael's psychiatrist
Toby Huss
Ray Nelson, Karen's husband, Allyson's father and Laurie's son-in-law
Jefferson Hall
Aaron Korey, a true-crime podcaster and Dana's partner
Rhian Rees
Dana Haines, a true-crime podcaster and Aaron's partner
Omar Dorsey
Sheriff Barker, Haddonfield's sheriff
Dylan Arnold
Cameron Elam, Allyson's boyfriend and son of Lonnie Elam, a bully from the first film
Miles Robbins
Dave, Vicky's boyfriend
Drew Scheid
Oscar, Cameron's best friend
Jibrail Nantambu
Julian Morrisey, a little boy whom Vicky babysits
Brien Gregorie
Kevin's Father
Vince Mattis
Kurt Deimer
the Teller
Christopher Allen Nelson
Officer Francis
Charlie Benton
Officer Richards
Michael Harrity
Warden Kuneman
Marian Green
Gina Panchella
Marian Sing
Andrea Wagner


Principal photography began on January 13, 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina.

The film Halloween was scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures on September 8, 2018 (TIFF), on October 19, 2018 (United States), on October 24, 2018 (France) and on October 25, 2018 (Germany).

The duration of the film is 106 minutes. With a budget of $10 - 15 million, the film grossed over $253.7 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Halloween got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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