Head Full of Honey is a 2018 drama film directed by Til Schweiger.

Official trailers

Warner Bros. Pictures on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 released the trailer:
HEAD FULL OF HONEY - Official Trailer.

Story intro

A widowed grandfather who has Alzheimer's disease is taken on a road trip to Venice by his granddaughter.


Nick Nolte
Matt Dillon
Emily Mortimer
Sophia Lane Nolte
Jacqueline Bisset
Eric Roberts
Dr. Holst
Claire Forlani
Head Mistress
J.David Hinze
Matteo A.Bof
Train station Policeman
Veronica Ferres


The film Head Full of Honey was scheduled to be released on October 27, 2018 (Valladolid), on November 30, 2018 and on March 21, 2019 (Germany) by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film grossed over US$12,350 (United States) and US$65'000 (Germany, first 2 weeks).

The film had received a "PG-13" rating.


The audience likes the film.

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