Hold the Dark is a 2018 American thriller film directed by Jeremy Saulnier.

Official trailers

Netflix on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 released the trailer:
Hold The Dark | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

In December 2004, Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright), a writer who studies wolf behavior, is summoned to the small village of Keelut, Alaska by Medora Slone (Riley Keough), who wants Core to hunt down the wolves blamed for the disappearances and presumed deaths of three small children, including Medora's 6-year-old son, Bailey. Core, staying at the Slone house, discusses the missing children with Medora, who tells him of a hot springs to the north of town. That night, he awakes to the sound of Medora whispering and bathing. She exits the bathroom with a dark wooden wolf mask and approaches Core. Removing the mask, she lies beside Core and moves his hand to her neck forcefully. Medora's husband, Vernon Slone (Alexander Skarsgård), is overseas in Iraq, where he is shown mercilessly and efficiently gunning down Iraqi militants. While stationed at a checkpoint, Vernon wanders off and comes across an American soldier raping a local woman. Vernon stabs the soldier and leaves the woman with his knife to finish him off. Moments later, shooting breaks out at the checkpoint: Vernon is shot but survives to be sent home. In the morning, Core leaves town to track the wolves and meets an old native woman, Illanaq, who tells him he is going the wrong way, and that Medora 'knows evil'. Core tracks the wolves, coming across the hot springs Medora mentioned, and spots a pack of wolves eating their young. Unwilling to shoot them, Core returns to Keelut. At the Slone house, he finds Medora missing, and the cellar door unlocked. Downstairs, Core finds Bailey's frozen, strangled body, and calls for help. The police investigate, and the native villagers claim Medora is possessed by a wolf-demon called a tournaq.


Jeffrey Wright
Russell Core
Alexander Skarsgård
Vernon Slone
James Badge Dale
Donald Marium
Riley Keough
Medora Slone
Julian Black Antelope
Macon Blair
Tantoo Cardinal
Peter McRobbie
Trapper John
Beckham Crawford
Jonathan Whitesell


Principal photography began on February 27, 2017, and concluded on April 26, 2017.

The film Hold the Dark was scheduled to be released by Netflix on September 12, 2018 (TIFF) and on September 28, 2018 (worldwide, France).

The duration of the film is 125 minutes.


Hold the Dark got high rating from critics. But the audience dislikes the film.

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