Jungle is a 2017 Australian biographical survival drama film directed by Greg McLean.

Official trailers

Momentum Pictures on Thursday, September 07, 2017 released the trailer:
Jungle - Official Trailer.

Story intro

In early 1980s, an Israeli adventurer named Yossi Ghinsberg travels to Bolivia planning to journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. There, he meets Marcus Stamm, a Swiss school teacher, and Marcus' friend Kevin Gale, an American hiker and avid photographer. The three are staying in La Paz, where one of them has an apartment. Yossi is out in the market one day where a stranger asks if he is an American; Yossi replies, "No". During conversation the Austrian stranger, Karl Ruprechter, claims the existence of an Indian tribe in the jungle that they should go see. Karl says he knows the jungle, and he is friends with the tribe. Yossi, excited about the prospect of exploring the uncharted jungle and meeting undiscovered peoples like the Toromonas, chooses to believe him. He heads back to the apartment to convince Marcus and Kevin to come along. Skeptical of the stranger and his story, they refuse. Yossi continues to press them until they ultimately acquiesce. The next day, the trio meets Karl in a shop while he is gathering supplies for the hike. All three men are surprised when Karl leaves with the supplies and tells them they will pay for everything. Yossi, Marcus, Kevin, and Karl hike through the jungle for several days. They make it to a village where it is apparent Karl knows the villagers. They spend the day in the village and stay overnight, then head back into the jungle the next morning. Marcus starts having trouble walking, and it is discovered his feet are full of bloody sores. By now, Kevin and Yossi are tired of Marcus' complaining.


Daniel Radcliffe
Yossi Ghinsberg
Alex Russell
Kevin Gale
Thomas Kretschmann
Karl Ruprechter
Yasmin Kassim
Joel Jackson
Marcus Stamm
Jacek Koman
Moni Ghinsberg
Lily Sullivan
Angie Milliken
Joey Vieira
Black Jack
Paris Moletti
Luis Jose Lopez


Principal photography began on March 19, 2016 and ended on April 13, 2016.

The film Jungle was scheduled to be released by Umbrella Entertainment on August 3, 2017 (MIFF) and on November 9, 2017 (Australia).

The duration of the film is 115 minutes. The film grossed over $1.2 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Jungle got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film.

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