Kiss Me First is a British cyber-thriller drama series directed by Misha Manson-Smith and Bryan Elsley.

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Netflix on Friday, June 15, 2018 released the trailer:
Kiss Me First | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

Leila is a lonely 17-year-old girl addicted to a fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Azana. While playing it, Leila meets Tess, a cool and confident party girl who harbours a dark secret. In the real world, the two girls become friends, but after Tess disappears Leila is quickly drawn into unravelling the mystery behind her disappearance.


Tallulah Haddon
Leila Evans / Shadowfax
Simona Brown
Tess / Mania
Matthew Beard
Adrian Palmer
Matthew Aubrey
George Jovanovic
Cyril Niemec / Calumny (season 1)
Freddie Stewart
Kyle / Force (season 1)
Misha Butler
Jack Innes / Jocasta
Haruka Abe
Tomiko Teshima / Tippi
Samuel Bottomley
Ben / Denier (season 1)
Philip Arditti
Geraldine Somerville
Ruth Palmer


The series is produced by Balloon and Kindle Entertainment.

Country of origin: United Kingdom.

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