Light of My Life is an American drama film directed by Casey Affleck.
Starring Casey Affleck, Anna Pniowsky, Tom Bower, Elisabeth Moss, Timothy Webber, Hrothgar Mathews, Patrick Keating, Thelonius Serrell-Freed, Jesse James Pierce, Tommy Clarke and others.

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Saban Films on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 released the trailer:
Light of My Life Official Trailer (2019) - Casey Affleck.

What is Light of My Life about?

Almost a decade after a mysterious pandemic wiped out most of the female population, a man and his daughter Rag (Anna Pniowsky) journey through British Columbia. Rag is one of the very few females of the human species left on Earth. Her dad must protect her by disguising her as his son from male bandits who are looking for any female human. In a flashback, before his wife dies, he promises to her that he will tell his daughter everything about her mom.
After leaving the woods where they first camped, the two take shelter in an abandoned house. After staying for a few days, the two narrowly escape from four men breaking in looking for them. The father hitches a ride and steals the car from the owner to get themselves to his grandparents' home. Arriving there, they find that the house is now occupied by Tom (Tom Bower) and his two friends Calvin (Hrothgar Mathews) and Lemmy (Timothy Webber). Tom is a religious man and has a friendly approach to the father and Rag. At night, the two sneak out their belongings into a nearby cabin in case of a "red alert", a term the father uses when dangerous men are approaching. The next morning, Tom teaches Rag how to use a shotgun for self-defense. After Tom eventually discovers that his "son" is a girl, he questions the father with concern and tells him that he lost his nine female relatives in a matter of weeks. Moved by his story, the father admits that she is, indeed, his daughter.
Later, three men arrive, barge into the house and kill Tom and Lemmy (Calvin apparently tipped off the intruders). Rag and her father hide in the attic and he manages to drop Rag out of the window. The father then proceeds to fight and kill the first and the second bandit; however, the last bandit almost strangles the father to death. Rag appears and fires a shotgun at the bandit, killing him but also hitting her father's waist. They go to the cabin, where Rag removes the shot pellet from her father's wound. While the father takes a rest, a flashback shows the father promising his wife that he will look after Rag. After Rag treated her father's wound, the father says that they can go to a safe place with friendly people that Tom mentioned earlier. As he breaks down in tears, Rag comforts him.

Who's in the Light of My Life cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of Light of My Life.

Casey Affleck Dad
Anna Pniowsky Rag
Tom Bower Tom
Elisabeth Moss Mom
Timothy Webber Lemmy
Hrothgar Mathews Calvin
Patrick Keating Bearded Man at Camp
Thelonius Serrell-Freed Young Man (as Monk Serrell Freed)
Jesse James Pierce Snow House Attacker #1 (as Jesse Pierce)
Tommy Clarke Snow House Attacker #2
Lloyd Cunningham Snow House Attacker #3
Kory Grim Tall Woods Man #1
Michael Ching Woods Man #2
Dee Jay Jackson Counter Man (as Deejay Jackson)
Sydnee Parker Anderson Toddler Rag

When is Light of My Life released in cinemas?

The film Light of My Life was scheduled to be released on February 8, 2019 (Berlinale) and on August 9, 2019 (United States) by Saban Films, Saban Capital Group, Cinetopia, Digicine, Elevation Pictures, Paradise, Spentzos Films, The Searchers, Anton, NOS Audiovisuais, Universum Film (UFA) and Vantage Entertainment.

What are Light of My Life film specifications?

The duration of the film is 119 minutes. The film grossed over $0.5 million.

The film Light of My Life is rated with "R" rating.

Light of My Life filming. Principal photography began in February 2017 in British Columbia's Okanagan.

What are critics and audiences saying about Light of My Life?

Light of My Life got high rating from critics.

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