Loro is an Italian film directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

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Story intro

Sergio Morra is a young businessman from Taranto who manages small-scale trafficking of young escorts which he uses to bribe local politicians and obtain licenses outside normal procedures. Sergio has a relationship with Tamara, an irresponsible young mother unscrupulous just like him, who helps him in his trafficking. The two decide to go to Rome, since Sergio wants to get close to power and aims to reach Silvio Berlusconi. Once in Rome, Sergio meets the mysterious Kira, known as the Queen Bee because of her direct relation with Berlusconi. Meanwhile, Tamara becomes acquainted with former minister Santino Recchia. She flirts with the politician in order to help Sergio to get a contact with Berlusconi. Recchia wants to replace Berlusconi as leader of the centre-right coalition and asks to deputy Cupa Caiafa if she is going to support him in the challenge of the party secretariat. Sergio manages to gather many young escorts and rents an imposing villa in Sardinia that borders with Berlusconi's summer residence in order to get noticed by him. But Berlusconi is having a very difficult time: alone with his wife Veronica Lario, Berlusconi tries to engage her attentions, but Veronica is now very icy towards him. Diamonds, jokes or a song by the trusted Mariano Apicella are not enough to warm Veronica up again, that claims back her dignity. Forza Italia is no longer in government and Berlusconi, left without government offices, has nothing to do, since his family businesses are now controlled by his children. One day, Recchia comes to Berlusconi pleading for help, since Tamara is blackmailing him, asking more money for Sergio, otherwise she will reveal that Recchia is betraying his wife. Berlusconi at first shows himself willing, but then he furiously reveals that he has known that Recchia wants to replace him. Then Berlusconi goes to Rome, telling Veronica that he is involved in political commitments, but he is actually participating in a fashion event with Noemi Letizia, a young and uninhibited girl.


Toni Servillo
Silvio Berlusconi and Ennio Doris
Elena Sofia Ricci
Veronica Lario
Riccardo Scamarcio
Sergio Morra
Kasia Smutniak
Kira (The Queen Bee)
Euridice Axen
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Santino Recchia
Roberto De Francesco
Fabrizio Sala
Dario Cantarelli
Paolo Spagnolo
Anna Bonaiuto
Cupa Caiafa
Roberto Herlitzka
Ricky Memphis
Riccardo Pasta
Yann Gael
Michel Martinez
Alice Pagani
Giovanni Esposito
Mariano Apicella
Ugo Pagliai
Mike Bongiorno
Max Tortora
Fabio Concato
Paolo Buglioni
Sergio's father


The film Loro was scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures International Italy, Baska Sinema, Curzon Artificial Eye, DeAPlaneta and Pathé Distribution on April 24, 2018, on May 10, 2018, on September 13, 2018, on November 15, 2018 (Germany) and on January 3, 2019 (Ukraine).

The duration of the film is 204 minutes, 100 minutes (Act 1), 104 minutes (Act 2) and 145 minutes (U.S. cut). With a budget of $21 million, the film grossed over $7.6 million.


Loro got high rating from critics.

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