Motherless Brooklyn is a 2019 American neo-noir crime film directed by Edward Norton.

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Warner Bros. Pictures on Thursday, August 22, 2019 released the trailer:

Story intro

In 1950s New York City, Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton) works at a detective agency alongside Gilbert Coney (Ethan Suplee), Danny Fantl (Dallas Roberts), and Tony Vermonte (Bobby Cannavale). Their boss, Frank Minna (Bruce Willis), rescued them as children from an abusive orphanage. Nicknamed "Motherless Brooklyn" by Frank, Lionel has Tourette syndrome, often alienating him from people, but his photographic memory makes him a good detective. Working a secret case, Frank asks Lionel and Gilbert to shadow him to a meeting. Lionel listens over the phone as Frank presents documents that threaten a business deal for William Lieberman (Josh Pais), Lou (Fisher Stevens), and their extremely large henchman. When Frank tries to negotiate a high price, the men force him to take them to the originals. Lionel and Gilbert follow in their car, arriving just as Frank is shot. They take him to the hospital, but Frank dies. Frank's widow Julia (Leslie Mann) leaves Tony in charge of the office. Lionel begins wearing Frank's hat and coat, and a matchbox in Frank's pocket leads Lionel to an African-American owned jazz bar in Harlem. He realizes that Frank's findings involve Laura Rose (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who works for Gabby Horwitz (Cherry Jones) fighting gentrification; poor and minority neighborhoods are being bought out and demolished, forcing out their residents. Lionel goes to a city council meeting where Moses Randolph (Alec Baldwin), in charge of city development, is blamed for gentrification. Stealing a reporter's credentials, Lionel talks to Paul (Willem Dafoe), who rages against Moses at the meeting.


Edward Norton
Lionel Essrog
Bruce Willis
Frank Minna
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Laura Rose
Bobby Cannavale
Tony Vermonte
Alec Baldwin
Moses Randolph
Cherry Jones
Gabby Horowitz
Willem Dafoe
Ethan Suplee
Gilbert Coney
Dallas Roberts
Danny Fantl
Josh Pais
William Lieberman
Leslie Mann
Julia Minna
Robert Wisdom
Billy Rose (as Robert Ray Wisdom)
Fisher Stevens
Radu Spinghel
Giant Man
Peter Gray Lewis
Mayor (as Peter Lewis)
Michael Kenneth Williams
Trumpet Man
Isaiah J. Thompson
King Rooster Piano Player
Russell Hall
King Rooster Bassist
Joe Farnsworth
King Rooster Drummer
Jerry Weldon
King Rooster Saxophonist
Eric Berryman
King Rooster Bartender (as Eric Berryman Jr.)
Nelson Avidon
Jacob Gleason
Joseph Siravo
Union Boss Speaker
DeShawn White
Migs Govea
Formosa Bartender
Erica Sweany
Formosa Hostess
Katy Davis
Inwood Residential Secretary
Olli Haaskivi
Hall of Records Clerk
Yinka Adeboyeku
Angry Young Man
Joyce O'Connor
Cindy Fleming
Thomas Luiz Leninger
Deborah Unger
Brooklyn Bar Waitress
Ezra Barnes
Julie Hays
Damien Brett
Stephen Adly Guirgis
Eli Bridges
Teren Carter
Young Cat #2
Luis Castro de Leon
Young Cat #1
Russell G. Jones
Reformer #2


The film Motherless Brooklyn was scheduled to be released on August 30, 2019 (Telluride), on November 1, 2019 (United States), on December 6, 2019 (United Kingdom) and on December 12, 2019 (Germany) by Warner Bros. Pictures, Karo Premiere, NOS Audiovisuais and Warner Bros. Japan.

The duration of the film is 144 minutes. With a budget of $26 million, the film grossed over $10.8 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Motherless Brooklyn got high rating from critics.

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