My First First Love is a South Korean web television series directed by Oh Jin-seok and Jung Hyun-jung.

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Netflix on Sunday, July 14, 2019 released the trailer:
My First First Love: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix.

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The drama tells the story of five youths and their messy encounters with the concept of first love. Yoon Tae-oh is a college student whose friends - a college drop-out, a runaway family friend, and his long-time childhood friend - decide to unexpectedly move into his house, due their own individual reasonings. Now they must all learn to live together and learn to love.


Ji Soo
Choi Ri
Oh Ga-rin
Michelle Fang
Oh Ga-rin
Chae-Yeon Jung
Jinyoung Jung
Sanyee Yuan
Rina Hoshino
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The series is produced by AStory.

The average duration of each episode is 42 - 56 minutes. Country of origin: South Korea. Original language: Korean.

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