Peter Rabbit is a 2018 American live-action/computer-animated comedy film directed by Will Gluck.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 released the trailer:
PETER RABBIT - Official Trailer #2.

Story intro

In England's Lake District, Peter Rabbit, his cousin Benjamin Bunny, and Peter's triplet sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, spend most of their days picking on Mr. McGregor and stealing vegetables from his garden. They are friends with a local woman named Bea who spends her time painting pictures of the rabbits as well as the surrounding nature. Bea takes on a mother-like relationship with the rabbits due to the death of their parents, who were captured and killed by McGregor. One day, Peter is forced to leave his jacket in McGregor's garden and goes back to retrieve it. McGregor spots and catches him, but suddenly dies of a heart attack due to decades of unhealthy eating habits. Enthralled, Peter invites all of the local animals and takes over McGregor's manor. Meanwhile in London, McGregor's great-nephew Thomas McGregor, an uptight, controlling workaholic, works at the toy department of Harrods department store where he waits for a promotion to associate general manager. He indifferently accepts the news about his great-uncle's death, someone he was completely unaware of, but is infuriated over losing the promotion to a lazy nephew of the managing director and is fired for losing his temper. His now-former manager encourages him to get a hobby and spend some time in the country. When Thomas learns that his great-uncle's manor is valuable and that he's inherited it, he decides to appraise and prepare it for resale in order to start his own toy store to get even with his former employers. He kicks out Peter and his friends and begins to upgrade the security of the garden wall and gates, despite Bea's objections. When Peter and Benjamin sneak back into the garden, Thomas catches the latter and attempts to drown Benjamin in a river. His cousins rescue him; Thomas instead accidentally drops a prized set of binoculars that Bea had given him earlier, forcing him to retrieve it.


Domhnall Gleeson
Thomas McGregor
Rose Byrne
Sam Neill
Mr. McGregor
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Harrods General Manager
Felix Williamson
James Corden
Peter Rabbit
Daisy Ridley
Cottontail Rabbit
Margot Robbie
Flopsy Rabbit and the Narrator
Elizabeth Debicki
Mopsy Rabbit
Colin Moody
Benjamin Bunny
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
Domhnall Gleeson
Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Rose Byrne
Jemima Puddle-Duck
Sam Neill
Tommy Brock
Fayssal Bazzi
Mr. Tod
Ewen Leslie
Pigling Bland
Christian Gazal
Felix D'eer
Rachel Ward
Josephine Rabbit
Bryan Brown
Peter's father
David Wenham
Johnny Town-Mouse
Will Reichelt
JW Rooster II


The film Peter Rabbit was scheduled to be released by Sony Pictures Releasing and Columbia Pictures on February 3, 2018 (The Grove), on February 9, 2018 (United States), on February 23, 2018 (Turkey), on March 22, 2018 (Australia, Germany, Russia, Denmark) and on April 4, 2018 (France).

The duration of the film is 95 minutes. With a budget of $50 million, the film grossed over $351.2 million.

The film had received a "PG" rating.


Peter Rabbit got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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