Professor Marston & The Wonder Women is a 2017 American biographical drama film directed by Angela Robinson.

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Annapurna Pictures on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 released the trailer:

Story intro

The story is told in flashbacks set during a 1945 testimony that William Moulton Marston gives to representatives of the Child Study Association of America. In the year 1928, William and his wife Elizabeth teach and work on their research at the associated Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges. One day, William hires one of his students, Olive Byrne (daughter of Ethel Byrne and niece of Margaret Sanger - two famous suffragists and feminists of the 20th century) as a research assistant. Olive aids in the Marstons' work in inventing the lie detector and conducting research on William's DISC theory on human interactions, and the three soon grow close. One after another tests by the lie detector reveal that they have fallen in love with one another, and all three of them begin to engage in a polyamorous relationship. As words about their unconventional relationship gets out, the Marstons are fired from the university. Olive reveals that she is pregnant and moves in with the Marstons shortly after. The trio decide to build a family together and create a fabrication to keep secret the nature of their relationship. The family settle in a New York suburb, happily together. By 1934, both Elizabeth and Olive bear children by William (Olive has two sons and Elizabeth has one son and a daughter), telling the neighbors that Olive is a widow and taken in by the Marstons. William starts trying to make a living as an author. Elizabeth takes a job as a secretary and becomes the main breadwinner of the family. Olive stays at home and takes care of the kids, occasionally submitting her writing samples to publishers. They raise their four children together, and Elizabeth names her daughter after Olive.


Luke Evans
William Moulton Marston
Rebecca Hall
Elizabeth Holloway Marston
Bella Heathcote
Olive Byrne
Monica Giordano
JJ Feild
Charles Guyette
Chris Conroy
Brant Gregory
Oliver Platt
Max Gaines
Christopher Paul Richards
Teen Donn
Connie Britton
Josette Frank


Principal photography began in early October 2016.

The film Professor Marston & The Wonder Women was scheduled to be released by Annapurna Pictures and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions on September 9, 2017 (TIFF), on October 13, 2017 (U.S.) and on November 2, 2017 (Germany).

The duration of the film is 108 minutes. The film grossed over $1.9 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Professor Marston & The Wonder Women got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film.

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