Rampage is a 2018 American science fiction monster film directed by Brad Peyton.

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Warner Bros. Pictures on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 released the trailer:

Story intro

Athena-1, a space station owned by gene manipulation company Energyne, is destroyed after a laboratory rat mutates and wreaks havoc. Dr. Kerry Atkins, the lone surviving crew member, is ordered by Energyne CEO Claire Wyden to retrieve canisters containing a pathogen. Atkins flees in the escape pod when the station implodes, but it disintegrates upon re-entry, killing her and leaving a trail of debris across the United States. One canister is swallowed by an American crocodile in the Everglades, and another lands in a Wyoming forest where a wolf is exposed to the pathogen. Primatologist Davis Okoye, a former US Army Special Forces soldier and member of an anti-poaching unit, works at the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary. He has befriended a rare albino western lowland gorilla named George, having saved him from the poachers who killed his mother, and communicates with George using sign language. One of the canisters crash-lands in George's habitat, and George is exposed to the pathogen. As George grows considerably larger and more aggressive, Davis is contacted by genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell, who explains that the pathogen was developed by Energyne to rewrite genes on a massive scale. She had hoped to advance CRISPR research as a potential cure for diseases, but discovered Energyne's plans to use it as a biological weapon, and was fired and falsely sent to prison. George escapes from captivity and goes on a rampage at the preserve. Davis calms him, but George is captured by a government team led by Agent Harvey Russell and put on an airplane. Meanwhile, a squad of mercenaries sent by Claire and her brother Brett to capture the mutated wolf, Ralph, are all killed.


Dwayne Johnson
Davis Okoye, a former US Army Special Forces soldier as well as primatologist and head of an anti-poaching unit
Naomie Harris
Dr. Kate Caldwell, a disgraced genetic engineer
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Harvey Russell, a government agent
Malin Åkerman
Claire Wyden, the CEO of Energyne responsible for the infection and mutation of George, Ralph, and Lizzie with the mutagenic serum for Project: Rampage
Jake Lacy
Brett Wyden, Claire's dimwit brother
Joe Manganiello
Burke, the leader of a private military group
Marley Shelton
Dr. Kerry Atkins, a scientist and astronaut
P. J. Byrne
Nelson, a scientist and friend of Okoye
Jason Liles
the motion-capture performance for George, an albino gorilla (comparable to Snowflake) raised and trained by Okoye
Demetrius Grosse
Colonel Blake
Jack Quaid
Breanne Hill
Matt Gerald
Will Yun Lee
Agent Park


Principal photography began on April 17, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois.

The film Rampage was scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, ACME, InterCom, Karo Premiere, Kinomania, NOS Audiovisuais, SF Studios, Tanweer Alliances, Vertical Entertainment, Warner Bros. F.E. and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on April 4, 2018 (Microsoft Theater), on April 11, 2018 (United Kingdom), on April 12, 2018 (Denmark), on April 13, 2018 (United States), on May 2, 2018 (France) and on May 10, 2018 (Germany).

The duration of the film is 107 minutes. With a budget of $120 million, the film grossed over $428 million.

The film had received a "PG-13" rating.


Rampage got average rating from critics. But the audience likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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