Santa Clarita Diet is an American horror-comedy web television series directed by Victor Fresco.

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Netflix on Monday, March 11, 2019 released the trailer:
Santa Clarita Diet: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix.

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Joel and Sheila Hammond are everyday suburban real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. The couple face a series of obstacles when Sheila has a physical transformation into a zombie and starts craving human flesh. As Joel and the family try to help Sheila through her transformation, they have to deal with neighbors, cultural norms, and get to the bottom of a potentially mythological mystery.


Drew Barrymore
Sheila Hammond, Joel's wife and Abby's mother
Timothy Olyphant
Joel Hammond, Sheila's husband and Abby's father
Liv Hewson
Abby Hammond, Sheila and Joel's daughter
Skyler Gisondo
Eric Bemis, the Hammonds' neighbor, Lisa's son and Dan's stepson
Ricardo Chavira
Dan Palmer (season 1), a sheriff's deputy, Eric's stepfather and the Hammonds' neighbor
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Lisa Palmer, Dan's wife, Eric's mother, and Sheila's friend
Andy Richter
Carl Coby, the Hammonds' boss
Richard T. Jones
Rick, a Santa Monica police officer, the Hammonds' neighbor, and Joel's friend
Joy Osmanski
Alondra, Rick's wife and Shelia's friend
Kaylee Bryant
Sarah, a classmate of Abby and Eric
Nathan Fillion
Gary West, a realtor and the Hammonds' co-worker
Natalie Morales
Anne Garcia, a sheriff's deputy, Dan's partner, and very religious
Thomas Lennon
Principal Andrei Novak, Abby's school principal
Ramona Young
Ramona, a wise Rite-Aid employee
Sydney Park
Winter, a classmate and fellow environmental club member of Abby and Eric
Grace Zabriskie
Mrs. Bakavić (season 1), Novak's Serbian grandmother
DeObia Oparei
Loki Hayes (season 1), a convicted felon
Portia de Rossi
Dr. Cora Wolf (season 1), a scientist focused on the undead
Zachary Knighton
Paul (seasons 2 - 3), Marsha's husband and a descendant of the Knights of Serbia
Jee Young Han
Marsha (season 2), Paul's wife
Ethan Suplee
Tommy (season 3), Paul's brother, former Army sniper, crossbow enthusiast and a descendant of the Knights of Serbia
Matt Shively
Christian (seasons 2 - 3), a student at Abby and Eric's school
Kerri Kenney-Silver
Petra Blazic (season 3), Grand Prior of the Knights of Serbia
Goran Višnjić
Dobrivoje Poplović (season 3), a man
Markie Post
Becky, whose home the Hammonds hope to sell in season 2
Patton Oswalt
Dr. Hasmedi, a virologist
Ryan Hansen
Bob Jonas, Lisa Palmer's lover
Derek Waters
Anton, a conspiracy theorist
Ravi Patel
Ryan, a convention goer
Jonathan Slavin
Ron, an asylum inmate
Joel McHale
Chris, a realtor
Maggie Lawson
Christa, a realtor
Gerald McRaney
Ed Thune, a retired army colonel
Leo Howard
Sven, a student
Malcolm Barrett


The series is produced by Kapital Entertainment, KatCo, Flower Films, Garfield Grove and Olybomb Entertainment.

The average duration of each episode is 26 - 36 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.

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