The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an American period comedy-drama web television series directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 - Exclusive: The Wrath of Abe Weissman | Prime Video.

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Set in 1958, Miriam "Midge" Maisel is a young, upper middle-class Jewish housewife living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her husband of four years, Joel, a businessman working at a plastics company, moonlights as a comedian at The Gaslight Cafe, using other comics' material. After one particularly mediocre performance, Joel leaves Midge for his secretary. Midge drunkenly goes back to The Gaslight where she delivers an impromptu set, confessing her predicament to the audience. While her bawdy, biting, and brilliant delivery enthralls the audience, she gets arrested after baring her breasts. Midge meets comic Lenny Bruce, who has also been arrested for obscenity in his act. Midge is bailed out of jail, and she, in turn, bails out Bruce. Inspired to be a comedian herself, she teams up with The Gaslight employee Susie Myerson, who becomes her manager. After Midge and her two children move in with her parents, Rose and Abe, she lands a job in the cosmetics department at B. Altman, a high-end department store. In addition to an income, the job provides material for Midge's act. Midge visits New York clubs to study other comedians. She meets top comedienne, Sophie Lennon, who is completely unlike her frumpy, on-stage character. Sophie advises Midge to develop her own stage persona, but Midge prefers performing as herself. After Midge disparagingly reveals in her act that Sophie is actually a wealthy, snobbish socialite, she soon finds herself blacklisted from every club in the city. However, with Susie and Lenny's help, Midge performs again and proves she has what it takes be a professional comic.


Rachel Brosnahan
Miriam "Midge" Maisel, a Jewish housewife
Alex Borstein
Susie Myerson, an employee of The Gaslight Cafe and Midge's manager
Michael Zegen
Joel Maisel, Midge's estranged husband
Marin Hinkle
Rose Weissman, Midge's mother
Tony Shalhoub
Abraham "Abe" Weissman, a mathematics professor at Columbia University, researcher at Bell Labs, and Midge's father
Kevin Pollak
Moishe Maisel (season 2, recurring season 1), the owner of Maisel and Roth Garment Company and Joel's father
Nunzio and Matteo Pascale
Ethan Maisel, Midge and Joel's eldest child
Matilda Szydagis
Zelda, the Weissmans' maid
Brian Tarantina
Jackie, the emcee at The Gaslight
Caroline Aaron
Shirley Maisel, Joel's mother
Joel Johnstone
Archie Cleary, Imogene's husband and Joel's coworker
Bailey De Young
Imogene Cleary, Midge's best friend
Cynthia Darlow
Mrs. Moskowitz, Joel's secretary, former childhood nanny, and Penny's replacement
Luke Kirby
Lenny Bruce, a well-known New York City comedian and close friend of Midge's
Holly Curran
Penny Pann, Joel's former secretary and girlfriend
Zachary Levi
Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg, a doctor whom Midge meets in the Catskills and later begins to date
Will Brill
Noah Weissman, Midge's brother
Colby Minifie
Ginger, a coworker of Midge's at B. Altman
Megan McGinnis
Jack O'Connell
Erin Darke
Mary, one of Midge's coworkers at B. Altman
Lilli Stein
Vivian, one of Midge's coworkers at B. Altman
Wakeema Hollis
Harriet, one of Midge's coworkers at B. Altman
David Bluvband
Joanna Glushak
Mrs. O'Toole, the floor supervisor at B. Altman
Justine Lupe
Astrid, Noah's wife and Midge's sister-in-law
Patrick O'Neill
David Paymer
Harry Drake, a successful manager of comedians with clients including Sophie Lennon
Brandon Uranowitz
Buzz Goldberg, the entertainment director at the Steiner Mountain Resort
Jacob Kemp
Samuel, the Weissmans' staff helper at Steiner Mountain Resort
Jill Abramovitz
Barbara Malley
Goldie, a hairdresser at the Steiner Mountain Resort beauty salon
Chris Chirdon
Peggy J. Scott
Logan Riley Bruner
Andrew Polk
Fred, an agent that Susie networks with for booking gigs with Midge
David Aaron Baker
Charles Connelly, Abe's boss at Bell Labs
Jane Lynch
Sophie Lennon, a successful stand-up comic
Karl Miller
Devlin McClane, a colleague on Abe's research team at Bell Labs
Mary Testa
Drina Romanoff, a psychic that Rose frequents, until she leaves for the Bronx
Frank L. Ridley
Cheryl Stern
Ida Ettenberg, Benjamin's mother
Nolan Gerard Funk
Josh, captain of the lifeguards at Steiner Mountain Resort
Laura Dreyfuss
Deecy, a staffer at Steiner Mountain Resort
Teddy Coluca
Manny, a worker at Maisel & Roth
John Scurti
Max Casella
Michael Kessler, Midge's lawyer and a former activist acquaintance of Abe's
Katrina Lenk
Cosma, a psychic that replaces Drina whom Rose begins to see
Christopher Fitzgerald


The series is produced by Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Picrow and Amazon Studios.

The average duration of each episode is 43 - 61 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.

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