The New Mutants is an American horror film directed by Josh Boone.

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20th Century Fox on Friday, October 13, 2017 released the trailer:
The New Mutants | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX.

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Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.


Anya Taylor-Joy
Illyana Rasputin / Magik: a Russian mutant with sorcery powers
Maisie Williams
Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane: a Scottish mutant "struggling to reconcile her religious beliefs with her power to turn into a wolf"
Charlie Heaton
Samuel "Sam" Guthrie / Cannonball: a Kentuckian mutant
Henry Zaga
Roberto "Bobby" da Costa / Sunspot: a Brazilian mutant "with the ability to manipulate solar energy"
Blu Hunt
Danielle "Dani" Moonstar / Mirage: a Native American mutant
Alice Braga
Dr. Cecilia Reyes: a mentor to the group, and a medical doctor


Principal photography began on July 10, 2017, in Boston, under the working title Growing Pains.

The film The New Mutants was scheduled to be released by 20th Century Fox on February 22, 2019 (United States), on August 1, 2019 (Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia) and on August 2, 2019 (United States, Estonia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey).

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