The Other Side of the Wind is an American experimental film directed by Orson Welles.

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Netflix on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 released the trailer:
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Story intro

The film opens by describing the final day of Jake Hannaford, an aging Hollywood director who was killed in a car crash on his 70th birthday, with narration from an elderly Brooks Otterlake, who had been a protégé of Hannaford's. Just before his death, Hannaford was trying to revive his waning career by making a flashy film, laden with gratuitous sex scenes and violence, with mixed results. At the time of Hannaford's party, this film (titled The Other Side of the Wind) has been left unfinished after its star stormed off the set, for reasons not immediately apparent to the audience. A screening of some incomprehensible parts of Hannaford's unfinished experimental film takes place, in order to attract "end money" from studio boss Max David. Hannaford himself is absent, and a loyal member of his entourage, the former child star Billy Boyle, makes an inept attempt to describe what the film is about. Intercut during this, we see various groups setting out for Hannaford's seventieth birthday party at an Arizona ranch. Hannaford arrives with a young Brooks Otterlake, a commercially successful director with a talent for mimicking celebrities, who credits much of his success to his close study of Hannaford. Many journalists attending the party brandish cameras, and shoot out invasive questions, eventually querying Hannaford's sexuality and whether he has long been a closeted homosexual, in spite of his macho public persona. Hannaford has a history of seducing the wife or girlfriend of each of his leading men, but maintains a strong attraction to the leading men themselves.


John Huston
J.J. "Jake" Hannaford, modelled on Ernest Hemingway
Oja Kodar
The Actress or The Red, Red Indian
Peter Bogdanovich
Brooks Otterlake, a protégé of Hannaford's
Susan Strasberg
Juliette Riche, a savage film critic
Norman Foster
Billy Boyle, an aging former child actor from Hannaford's early films, and a member of his entourage, portrayed as a stooge
Bob Random
Oscar "John" Dale, the pretty, androgynous leading man of Hannaford's new film
Lilli Palmer
Zarah Valeska, an enigmatic, retired leading lady from the 1930s
Edmond O'Brien
Pat Mullins, an aging actor with far right political leanings
Mercedes McCambridge
Maggie Noonan, Hannaford's devoted editor
Cameron Mitchell
Matt "Zimmie" Zimmer, a Texas-born make-up artist of Jewish heritage and one of Hannaford's artistic collaborators
Paul Stewart
Matt Costello, Hannaford's personal assistant and another member of the "Hannaford Mafia"
Gregory Sierra
Jack Simon, a macho screenwriter with parallels to John Milius
Tonio Selwart
The Baron, a parody of Welles' former business partner John Houseman (or his friend producer Alessando Tasca di Cutò), whom he had acrimoniously separated from in the 1940s, and
Dan Tobin
Dr. Bradley Pease Burroughs, Professor of English Literature at Clivedale Academy, a boys' boarding school in Franahan, Ohio, which had been implicated in a pederasty scandal involving another teacher
John Carroll
Lou Martin, an actor
Stafford Repp
Al Denny, an actor
Geoffrey Land
Max David, a young studio boss and former child actor, spoofing Robert Evans
Joseph McBride
Mr. Pister, an amalgamation of various cinephiles and socially awkward film critics whom Welles had met over the years
Pat McMahon
Marvin P. Fassbender, a bumptious film journalist
Cathy Lucas
Mavis Henscher, a spoof of Bogdanovich's then-girlfriend, actress Cybill Shepherd (
Howard Grossman
Charles Higgam, Hannaford's biographer, a parody of Charles Higham
Robert Aiken
the driver in Hannaford's film-within-a-film
Gene Clark
the projectionist at Hannaford's party
Peter Jason
Larry Jackson
Roger, an avant-garde young filmmaker
Cassie Yates
Martine, an avant-garde young filmmaker
Benny Rubin
Abe Vogel, based on veteran Hollywood agent Abe Lastfogel
Henry Jaglom
Paul Mazursky
Dennis Hopper
Curtis Harrington
Claude Chabrol
Stéphane Audran
George Jessel
Angelo Rossitto
Richard Wilson
Rich Little
a party guest
Cameron Crowe
a party guest
Les Moonves
a party guest
Orson Welles
the voice of a journalist (uncredited)


The film The Other Side of the Wind was scheduled to be released on August 31, 2018 (Venice) and on November 2, 2018 (United States) by Netflix.

The duration of the film is 122 minutes. The film's budget is $2 million (1970 USD), $6 million completion funds (2018 USD).

The film had received a "R" rating.


The Other Side of the Wind got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film.

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