The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing video game by Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, developed by and .

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PlayStation Europe on Friday, December 07, 2018 released the trailer:
The Outer Worlds | Reveal Trailer | PS4.

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The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing video game featuring a first-person perspective. In the early stages of the game, the player can create their own character and unlock a ship, which acts as the game's central hub space. Though the player cannot remotely fly their ship, it can be used as a fast travel point to access different areas in the game. The ship can also serve as the players' inventory. In the game, the player can encounter and recruit different non-player characters as companions, each having their own personal missions and stories. When out and about with the player, the companions can act as an aid in combat scenarios. Each companion has their own individual skills and special attacks, and they can also develop their own skill specialization. When exploring, the player can bring up to two companions alongside them, while the rest stay on the ship. The player can make numerous dialogue decisions, which can influence the game's branching story, they can also respond to NPC's in various ways, such as acting heroic, being a maniac or just moronic. During combat situations, the player can use various weapon types such as melee and firearms, which have three ammo types: light, medium and heavy. These weapons can be customized to add elemental damages. The player can also utilize stealth, or use social skills persuasion to avoid combat altogether. As the player progresses, they gain experience points, which the player and their companions can use to level up and unlock new skills. The player can also develop their technical skills, which are further divided into three different categories: Science, Medical, and Engineering. For instance, the player can use a Shrink Ray to shrink down an enemy. The player is able to invest points into these skills, which would then unlock new perks that enhance combat efficiency. The player can also enter Tactical Time Dilation, which slows down time and reveals opponents health statistics, which grants them tactical advantages. As the player leads their companions, they improve their companion's combat strength via "inspiration" and resilience via "determination". The player also has a "Flaw", which occurs when the player fails repeatedly in certain gameplay segments, these "Flaws" will debuff the player, but it will also give additional perks and advantages.


The Outer Worlds was scheduled to be released by Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment in 2019.

The game is made with Unreal Engine 4 engine.

This video game is available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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