The Ritual is a 2017 British supernatural horror film directed by David Bruckner.

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Netflix on Friday, January 26, 2018 released the trailer:
The Ritual | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Story intro

Five university friends--Phil, Dom, Hutch, Luke, and Rob--meet at a pub and discuss plans for a group trip. Rob suggests hiking in Sweden, but is quickly shot down by the others. Afterward, Luke and Rob enter a shop and interrupt a robbery in progress. Luke hides, while Rob is almost frozen with fear as the thieves start antagonizing him. Luke nearly intervenes, but decides against it. Rob gets killed for non-compliance. Six months later, in honor of Rob, the remaining four embark on a hiking trip along the Kungsleden in northern Sweden. When Dom injures his knee, Hutch decides they should cut through the forest instead of using the trail to spare him. Upon entering, the group encounters strange phenomena, including a gutted elk hanging from some branches and strange symbols carved in the trees. As night falls, a torrential rainstorm forces the group to find shelter. They come upon an abandoned cabin and decide to break in and stay overnight. Inside, they find necklaces bearing similar symbols and a wooden statuette of a decapitated human torso with antlers for hands. Upon waking the next morning, the group find that Luke had sustained strange puncture wounds on his chest and Phil praying to the effigy. Weirded out, the group try to find a way out. While discerning their location, Luke spots a large figure, but Dom doubts him. In their ensuing argument, Dom blames Luke for Rob's death; calling him a coward for allowing Rob to die. Later that night, Luke's awakened by Hutch's screams. Discovering Hutch's tent is empty, the remaining three rush deeper into the woods to find him. By dawn, they realize that they're lost and can't find their campsite. While continuing their search without their supplies, they find Hutch eviscerated and impaled on tree branches. After giving him an impromptu burial, Phil is suddenly dragged away by an unseen creature. Luke and Dom run off, but the creature gives chase. They pass Phil's body near a path of lit torches leading to a small village. They hide in the first building they see, only to be knocked unconscious.


Rafe Spall
Arsher Ali
Robert James-Collier
Sam Troughton
Paul Reid
Matthew Needham
Jacob James Beswick
Maria Erwolter
The Host
Hilary Reeves
The Curate
Peter Liddell
The Logger
Francesca Mula
The Witch
Kerri McLean
Gheorghe Mezei
Adriana Macsut
Constantin Codrea
Parishioner (as Constantin Liviu Codrea)
Zane Jarcu
Shop Keeper


The film The Ritual was scheduled to be released on September 8, 2017 (TIFF) and on October 13, 2017 by eOne Films (UK), Netflix (International), Digicine, Entertainment One and Latam Pictures.

The duration of the film is 94 minutes. The film grossed over $1.3 - 1.6 million.


The Ritual got high rating from critics. The audience also likes the film.

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