Transformers: The Last Knight is a 2017 American science-fiction action film directed by Michael Bay.

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Paramount Pictures on Thursday, June 08, 2017 released the trailer:
Transformers: The Last Knight - New International Trailer - Paramount Pictures.

Story intro

In 484 AD, King Arthur and his knights fight a losing battle against the Saxons. Elsewhere, Merlin approaches the Knights of Iacon, a group of Transformers hiding on Earth, to help win the war. They hand him an alien staff, before transforming together into Dragonstorm and turn the tide of the battle, but warn Merlin that a great evil will come for the staff. In the present, three years after the Hong Kong Uprising, Optimus crash-lands on Cybertron, and meets his alleged creator Quintessa. She blames Optimus for Cybertron's destruction and brainwashes him into helping to gain Merlin's staff, which can absorb Earth's energy to restore Cybertron. Optimus is renamed Nemesis Prime. Earth is revealed to be the slumbering Unicron, the ancient enemy of Cybertron, and whose horns are emerging across the planet. On Earth, Transformers remain unwelcome amongst humanity, apart from in Cuba, and are hunted by the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF), a paramilitary force manufactured from the fallen Cemetery Wind. However, the U.S. military, particularly those who had formerly worked with the Transformers, such as Colonel William Lennox, is secretly against the new policy. Cade Yeager, an ally to the Autobots, helps hide refugee Transformers from the TRF in his remote junkyard. In the war-torn Chicago, Cade, Bumblebee, young scavenger Izabella and her Transformer companions Sqweeks and Canopy help a group of children evade the TRF drones, but Canopy is killed by a fighter jet. Cade receives a mechanical talisman from a dying Autobot knight and has a brief standoff with the TRF and their leader, Santos, before being saved by Bumblebee, Lennox, and Hound. Cade returns to his junkyard with Izabella and Sqweeks with the talisman. Both Megatron and the U.S. government become aware of the talisman's value and power, reluctantly joining forces to obtain it. A group of Decepticon prisoners are released to aid in the mission.


Mark Wahlberg
Cade Yeager
A single father and inventor
Josh Duhamel
Stanley Tucci
King Arthur's wizard and Viviane's ancestor
Anthony Hopkins
Sir Edmund Burton
12th Earl of Folgan, an astronomer and historian
Laura Haddock
Viviane Wembly
A Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford and a polo player
Isabela Moner
A street-wise tomboy
Jerrod Carmichael
A young man from South Dakota whom Cade hired through a want ad
Santiago Cabrera
A former Delta Force operative and commander of the TRF
John Turturro
Seymour Simmons
A former government agent with Sector Seven and NEST turned successful writer
Glenn Morshower
General Morshower
The director of NEST in Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon
Liam Garrigan
King Arthur, the legendary knight
Jamey Jasta
Lt. Jamey Wells
The person
Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime / Nemesis Prime
as The leader of the Autobots
Gemma Chan
A Cybertronian/Quintesson Sorceress, the "Prime of Life and the creator of Cybertronians"
Frank Welker
as The leader of the Decepticons
Erik Aadahl
as An Autobot scout and Optimus Prime's second-in-command
Jim Carter
A polite sociopathic, human-sized robot
Omar Sy
Hot Rod
as An Autobot
Ken Watanabe
as A Samurai-motif Autobot tactician and former Decepticon
John Goodman
as A trigger-happy Autobot commando and field medic
John DiMaggio
as A cocky Autobot paratrooper and sniper
John DiMaggio
Nitro Zeus
as A showboating Decepticon hunter
Reno Wilson
as a small Autobot and Izabella's closest friend
Reno Wilson
as A Decepticon foot soldier
Jess Harnell
as A Decepticon scout
Tom Kenny
as A former Decepticon turned Autobot
Steve Buscemi
as An Autobot scavenger
Steven Barr
An Autobot Wrecker
Mark Ryan
as An Autobot veteran of World War I and World War II, and a sentry for Burton's castle
Mark Ryan
as The Lieutenant
An elderly Autobot that transforms into a Hawker Hurricane fighter plane that cameos at Burton's castle
Various uncredited actors voice
The Knights of Iacon
a group of twelve Cybertronian Knights
Various uncredited actors voice Canopy
An Autobot refugee and a friend of Izabella
Various uncredited actors voice Berserker
A monstrous Decepticon commando
Various uncredited actors voice Onslaught
A Decepticon tactician
The leader of the Dinobots
The savage Dinobot destroyer
The Mini versions of Grimlock, Slug, and Strafe
An Autobot
A Decepticon thug
Quintessa's demon-like guardians
A giant planet-destroying Transformer appearing in Planet Earth and six of his mechanical horns are seen


Principal photography began on May 25, 2016, in Havana, Cuba, with a few scenes shot by a "small team".

The film Transformers: The Last Knight was scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on June 18, 2017 (Odeon Leicester Square), on June 21, 2017 (United States), on June 22, 2017 (Germany), on June 23, 2017 (Turkey) and on June 24, 2017 (Sweden).

The duration of the film is 154 minutes. With a budget of $217 - 260 million, the film grossed over $605.4 million.

The film had received a "PG-13" rating.


Transformers: The Last Knight got low rating from critics. The audience dislikes the film either. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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