Under the Silver Lake is a 2018 American comedic neo-noir mystery film directed by David Robert Mitchell.

Official trailers

A24 on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 released the trailer:
Under the Silver Lake | Official Trailer HD | A24.

Story intro

Sam is an aimless 33-year-old in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, interested in conspiracy theories and hidden messages in popular culture and uninterested in paying his overdue rent. The public are warned to "Beware the Dog Killer" who is murdering pets. Sam meets his new neighbor, Sarah, who despite having caught him spying on her, invites him over. The two get high and watch an old movie, but when her roommates interrupt as they are about to kiss, Sarah suggests Sam leave and they hang out the next day. In the morning, Sam discovers Sarah and her roommates have moved out overnight, and becomes obsessed with learning what happened. Noticing a strange symbol painted on the apartment's wall, Sam trails a woman from the apartment to a series of elite Hollywood parties, encountering the pop band "Jesus and the Brides of Dracula" and a performance artist working for a prostitution ring of struggling actresses. All seem connected, but Sam struggles to find any meaningful pattern. At his apartment, Sam sees a news report detailing the discovery of billionaire Jefferson Sevence, burned to death in a car with three women. Sam recognizes Sarah's hat at the scene, and a small dog similar to Sarah's found dead. Sam contacts the author of Under the Silver Lake, an underground comic about neighborhood urban legends, who is obsessed with a monster known as the "Owl Woman" and a secret message hidden in an old cereal box, and has installed security cameras throughout his house. Later, the police find the author dead in an apparent suicide. Sam enters the house and reviews the security footage, discovering the author was seemingly killed by the Owl Woman.


Andrew Garfield
Riley Keough
Sarah, Sam's new neighbour
Topher Grace
Bar Buddy, Sam's unnamed friend
Callie Hernandez
Millicent Sevence
Don McManus
Final Man
Jeremy Bobb
Riki Lindhome
Zosia Mamet
Patrick Fischler
Comic Fan, creator of Under the Silver Lake zine
Jimmi Simpson
Grace Van Patten
Balloon Girl
India Menuez
Shooting Star #1
Wendy Vanden Heuvel
Topless Bird Woman
Chris Gann
Jefferson Sevence
Jessica Makinson
Mrs. Sevence
Stephanie Moore
Brunette Roommate
Sibongile Mlambo
Blonde Roommate
Rex Linn
Luke Baines
Jesus, leader and songwriter of the band Jesus and the Brides of Dracula
Allie MacDonald
Meek Bride
Victoria Bruno
Clara Bow Bride
Lola Blanc
Reading Glasses Bride
Silversun Pickups
Sydney Sweeney
Shooting Star #2
Guy Nardulli
Door Guard
David Yow
Homeless King
Adam Bartley
June Carryl
Summer Bishil
EX/Billboard Girl


Principal photography began on October 31, 2016.

The film Under the Silver Lake was scheduled to be released on May 15, 2018 (Cannes), on June 8, 2018 (France), on June 22, 2018, on August 8, 2018 (France), on December 7, 2018 (United States), on December 28, 2018 (Spain), on March 22, 2019 (United Kingdom) and on April 19, 2019 (United States) by A24, Le Pacte, Noble Entertainment, The Searchers, GEM Entertainment, Film & TV House, Vértigo Films, Weltkino Filmverleih, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Films4You, Front Row Filmed Entertainment, GAGA, Cine Canibal, MUBI, Mongrel Media, Spentzos Films, Umbrella Entertainment and Universum Film (UFA).

The duration of the film is 139 minutes. The film grossed over $1.9 million.

The film had received a "R" rating.


Under the Silver Lake got average rating from critics. But the audience likes the film.

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