Valentino Rossi The Game is a motorcycle racing video game by Milestone S.r.l. and Square Enix, developed by and .

Official trailers

Square Enix NA on Monday, August 15, 2016 released the trailer:
Valentino Rossi The Game - Official US Launch Trailer | Available Now.

Story intro

A videogame entirely dedicated to the career of Valentino Rossi, the 9 time World Champion. Experience the career of Valentino from his perspective in a series of 20 challenges from his first race in 1996 up to 2015. Jump into a new career starting at the VR|46 Academy and taking you up to World Champion. During the championship, Valentino will ask you to take part in different events like drifting, flat, R1M-only races, and rally in order to improve his abilities.


Valentino Rossi The Game was scheduled to be released by Milestone S.r.l. and Square Enix on June 16, 2016, on June 17, 2016 and on August 16, 2016.

It is a single-player and multiplayer video game.

This video game is available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game had received E rating.

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