We Are the Wave is a German coming-of-age drama web television series directed by Anca Miruna Lăzărescu and Mark Monheim.
Starring Ludwig Simon, Luise Befort, Michelle Barthel, Daniel Friedl, Mohamed Issa, Milena Tscharntke, Leon Seidel, Sarah Mahita, Kristin Hunold, Bianca Hein and others.

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Netflix on Friday, October 18, 2019 released the trailer:
We Are The Wave | Official Trailer | Netflix.

What is We Are the Wave about?

The series takes place in the fictitious German city of Meppersfeld. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who decide to fight together against injustice and social problems.
Lea, a high school student from a wealthy family, is bored and frustrated by her privileged life. She doubts her parents' way of life, who consider themselves to be cosmopolitan and environmentally aware. Lea feels that she wants to do more than them in order to create a better world. When Tristan, a new classmate, comes to Meppersfeld and quickly makes friends with the outsiders Zazie (Angie Sarkisyan), Rahim and Hagen, Lea's interest is aroused.
Tristan uses the personal circumstances of the very different teenagers in order to inspire them for a common fight against grievances and injustices. Rahim and his family, for example, are regularly attacked racially. In addition, his family is threatened with the loss of their apartment because an investor wants to renovate the building into expensive luxury apartments. Hagen's parents who are organic famers lost their economic livelihood after waste sludge from a local paper mill contaminated their fields. Zazie is bullied by classmates and feels oppressed by sexist gender stereotypes she doesn't match. After a short hesitation, Lea also joins the group, which meets in the afternoon on an abandoned factory site to plan the next steps together.
Driven by Tristan, the actions of the group, which is soon to be called "The Wave", are becoming increasingly radical and risky. What begins as an idealistic and playful revolt against the establishment, soon gets a threatening momentum. Central is the conflict between Lea, who believes in peaceful forms of protest and resistance, and Tristan, who considers Lea's optimism naive and is vehemently opposed to opening the group to other members.

Who's in the We Are the Wave cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of We Are the Wave.

Ludwig Simon Tristan Broch the new boy at school with a troubled past, leader of The Wave and Lea's love interest
Luise Befort Lea Herst a rich and spoiled kid
Michelle Barthel Zazie Elsner the lonely girl in school
Daniel Friedl Hagen Lemmart an antisocial boy without many friends, member of the Wave and has a crush on Zazie
Mohamed Issa Rahim Hadad an Arab
Milena Tscharntke Sophie Lea's best friend
Leon Seidel Lasse
Sarah Mahita Paula Rahim's love interest
Kristin Hunold Kim Zazie's bully
Bianca Hein Rike Herst Lea's mother
Christian Erdmann Andreas Herst Lea's father
Jascha Baum Luis
Robert Schupp Paul Serner
Stephan Grossmann Horst Berndt
Luis Pintsch Benny
Livia Matthes Nikki Tristan's old friend
Stefan Lampadius Herr Fleisser
Manuel Klein Giese
Daniel Faust Drogendealer
Béla Gábor Lenz Marvin
Mathilda Eckert Naomi
Charlotte Uedingslohmann Tania
Andrea Guo Birthe
Ilenia Müller Cleo
Fatima Taih Ornella
Karla Trippel Direktorin
Paul Triller Björn
Husam Chadat Mahir Hadad
Bernhard Geffke Kurt Elsner
Inaam Wali Nesrin Hadad
Anna Schier Adele
Matthias Lamp Guard
Oliver Reinhard Matthias Lembert
Heike Trinker Frau Wittich
Angie Sarkisyan Zazie
Picco von Groote Tristans Mutter
Nicole Johannhanwahr-Balk Anette Lembert
Stefan Merki Heribert Butschma
Götz Vogel von Vogelstein Giant
Stephan Trapp Hardy Benker
Julia Völk Julia Lemmart
Tobias van Dieken Doctor
Philip Noah Schwarz Ingo
Julie Wolk Julia Lemmart
Traven Lade 12-year-old Tristan
Michael Kleiber Doorman
Joel Sansi Security guard Mr. Okoya
Leander Gerdes Employee Mr. Armbruster
Katharina Hackhausen Reporter
Anne Weber Desk clerk
Johannes Ahn Architekt
Stephan Leucht NfD Saalwart
Jesse Albert Security guard Uwe Schroder
Anke Fuenfstueck Karin Mayer
Loïc Lopes Thirsty Guy
Denis Schmidt Bouncer Mike

What are We Are the Wave series specifications?

The We Are the Wave series is produced by Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Sony Pictures Film und Fernseh Produktion.

The average duration of each episode is 45 - 54 minutes. Country of origin: Germany. Original language: German.

More information about We Are the Wave you can get at:

Official website: netflix.com/title/80218819

IMDB: Wir sind die Welle

Wikipedia: We Are the Wave

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