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Is there a trailer for Crystar?

PlayStation on Friday, August 23, 2019 released the trailer for "Crystar" you can watch here:
Crystar - Release Trailer | PS4.


What are Crystar gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "Crystar" video game gameplay features.

The player controls a girl named Rei Hatada, who in order to revive her dead younger sister Mirai Hatada, makes a deal with twin demons of Purgatory, and the story progresses as the player fights the souls that drift about Purgatory. The concept of the game revolves around crying, which purifies new equipment to use. By defeating specific enemies, "Memoirs of the Dead," final thoughts of the dead, will appear, and crying will purify those thoughts and develop the protagonist mentally.
Outside of battle and dungeon exploration, the player can also return to Rei's room in the real-world part of the game and prepare for battle, view collectibles, pet her dog, and to enjoy everyday life through various angles.
Rei and Mirai Hatada are summoned to Purgatory by an evil revenant, Anamnesis who wants to kill them and take their souls so that she can achieve revival, having died in the past. Rei awakens to the power of an executor and fights Anamnesis, however she accidentally kills her sister during the fight and so agrees to work with Mephis and Pheles, the managers of Purgatory, to collect Idea, and the demons agree they will revive Mirai if Rei collects enough and gives the Idea to them, though Rei only has a certain amount of time before Mirai's soul is taken by the cogs of renewal and turned into a new soul, which would be a new person altogether. As she transverses Purgatory Rei fights against a strong revenant known as Epicurean and after defeating it, hesitates to kill it when she learns the soul belonged to a young girl. As it was about to kill her she is saved by another executor, Kokoro Fudoji, who had been working for the demons for months, and Epicurean escapes. Kokoro's desire is to get revenge on Anamnesis as she also summoned Kokoro to Purgatory and took the souls of her boyfriend and unborn child. Kokoro later learns that her boyfriend has become a revenant working for Anamnesis and so Kokoro and Rei kill him and absorb his soul, Korkoro unfazed as she was now in love with Rei instead. As they go further in, they learn that a girl named Sen Megumiba was the only survivor of a bus crash, which also took the life of Rei's only real life friend, Yuri Minano. They come across Sen in Purgatory who had been dragged in by a serial killer-turned revenant who had been prosecuted by her father, and after he defeats Kokoro and Rei he is about to absorb Sen's soul as revenge, however the demons give Sen Executor powers and she slits his throat which stops him from being able to devour souls, after which the group kill him. They are then sidetracked by a revenant named Nanana who for reasons unknown is in love with Rei. She forces them to play games such as hide and seek and eventually fights against the group, first as herself, and then as her transformed self Epicurus. After being defeated the group agree to let Nanana join them as otherwise she would continue being a nuisance. As they reach the middle layer of Purgatory Rei senses her sister's soul and starts to forsake her friends, acting cold to them as all she cares about is getting her sister and even becomes cold to her pet dog, Thelema - who dies after she got angry at her. As they get closer and closer to Mirei's soul, Rei ditches the group and goes on her own, not caring about the rest of the group, and after defeating the two dog revenants who guard the towers to the second half of Purgatory, Thelema appears in front of Rei, now a revenant, and fuses with the guardians to form Therion and fights Rei. As Rei hesitates again, not wanting to fight her pet, her friends arrive and Rei apologies for her actions and the group kill Therion. Now in the second half of Purgatory they defeat Anamnesis and her minions, the Bourbaki, though Anamnesis is able to escape. The group learn of the Revenant Princess from the Bourbaki, who the group assume is Anamnesis. They then reach the next area of Puragatory where Sen remembers she was pulled into this area year earlier, in which they find Rei's former friend Yuri Minano, who is now a revenant. Yuri merges with the remains of the bus and tries to kill Rei as Yuri had learned in the year since that the Revenant Princess pulled the bus into purgatory as she was Rei's friend, so her death was Rei's fault. After killing Yuri they reach the final layer of purgatory, where Mirai's soul is, however unknown to the rest of the group the twin demons had told Sen that Anamnesis is actually her mother who died in the bus crash, and also tell Nanana that being in the final layer of purgatory will cause her to lose her memories as the final area is not safe for revenants due to the fact they will be reborn as new souls there. As they reach the end of purgatory they find Anamnesis and defeat her. Anamnesis's plan was to murder Rei in front of Mirai as revenge, though Rei has no idea why Anamnesis hates her and Mirai, after which Anamesis would achieve revival to be with her daughter again (as a revenant could collect human souls to achieve revival. In addition, Anamnesis was unaware her daughter was Sen as she lost her memories upon becoming Anamesis). After defeating Anamnesis Sen protects her before Kokoro is able to get her revenge and kill her. Sen reveals to the group that Anamnesis is her mother, and Kokoro and Sen fight to the death over Anamnesis' life. As they fight, Anamnesis pushes Mirai into the cogs of renewal which would be enough for her to get revenge on Rei and Mirei even if she can't kill them, as Mirai would be reborn as a different person with no memories - this fails however as Nanana manages to stop Mirai from falling in and winds up inside it instead, causing Nanana's soul to be reborn instead. Rei's despair at losing Nanana causes her to get the final Idea needed for Mirai's revival, and Mirei is then revived by the demons with the fates of Kokoro, Sen, and Anamnesis being left unknown. As Rei and Mirai return to the real world, Mirei loses her memories of the others as Mirai happily states they will be together forever, with it being revealed that Mirai is actually the Revenant Princess and wanted Rei all to herself. Rei's heartbreak at losing Nanana also caused Alcea to be created, which is even stronger than Idea, and Kuon Hatada uses to create a new timeline.

Release date

When is Crystar game release date?

"Crystar" video game release date was scheduled to be on October 18, 2018, on August 27, 2019 and on August 30, 2019 published by FuRyu (JP), Spike Chunsoft (WW) EU: Numskull Games.


What are Crystar game specifications?

Crystar is a single-player video game.

Crystar is available for the following platforms: PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

"Crystar" video game is rated "T", according to the ESRB video game rating system.

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