"God of War Ragnarök" is an action-adventure video game by , developed by .

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Is there a trailer for God of War Ragnarök?

PlayStation on Thursday, September 09, 2021 released the trailer for "God of War Ragnarök" you can watch here:
God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5.


What are God of War Ragnarök gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "God of War Ragnarök" video game gameplay features.

Taking place three years after events of the previous game, Fimbulwinter is drawing to a close, and it is prophesied that Ragnarök will begin once it comes to an end. A now teenaged Atreus, still reeling from the revelations of the previous game, seeks answers about his identity as Loki, as well as a way to prevent Ragnarök from happening. To uncover the truth, Kratos and Atreus set out to find answers, searching for the Norse God of War Týr, who was previously believed to be dead. Whilst traversing the nine realms, the duo must face new threats, including Thor, the enraged God of Thunder, and Freya, their former friend and ally who seeks vengeance following the death of her son Baldur by Kratos' hands.

Release date

When is God of War Ragnarök game release date?

"God of War Ragnarök" video game release date was scheduled to be in 2022 published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


What are God of War Ragnarök game specifications?

God of War Ragnarök is a single-player video game.

God of War Ragnarök is available for the following platforms: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Where to buy and download God of War Ragnarök video game?

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