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Is there a trailer for Knack 2?

PlayStation on Thursday, August 24, 2017 released the trailer for "Knack 2" you can watch here:
Knack 2 - PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground.


What are Knack 2 gameplay features?

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In Knack II , the player controls the eponymous character Knack. Knack's abilities include punching, kicking, changing size, and deflecting projectiles using a shield. The game features a skill tree system where players can upgrade Knack's abilities by collecting Relic Energy found in levels. There are treasure chests throughout the game that dispense a Relic or a Crystal Part to further upgrade Knack. The game can also be played cooperatively. Knack II introduces offline multiplayer, allowing an extra player to join and leave the main story at their leisure. This accessibility of Knack II allows people of varying ages to play and has been praised due to the couch cooperative play dynamic. Knack II also utilizes Quick-Time Events during cutscenes. There are puzzles that require the player to manipulate the world and Knack's abilities to progress. Knack II also introduces the teleporter, allowing players to teleport between pads within their respective levels. As the player progresses in the game, Knack acquires special abilities for Knack that also alter his appearance. These in-story abilities are Iron, Ice, and Stealth. The other special abilities that Knack can use are unlocked through the use of upgrading Knack with Knack parts, Relics, and Crystal Parts.
Two centuries prior to the events of Knack II, known as the time of The Crystal Wars, the advanced civilization of the Goblins, known then as the High-Goblins, feuded with humans and sought after energy-potent crystals, which were found only on human territory. Yurick, a High Goblin leader and master engineer, created the Ancient Weapons, an army of powerful robots, to eradicate the humans. The High Goblin empire expanded as they continued their onslaught, until the human leader and warrior Marius and his troops began to defeat the Ancient Weapons in a single with the use of rock, vines, traps, and cunning, propelling their continuous victories over the course of the war.
Once defeated, Yurick returned to his laboratory to create a control center to command his robot forces as well as more powerful weapons, most notably the Titans, for their final battle against Marius and the humans. While Marius and Yurick fought with their armies, Marius had sent a strike team while they were preoccupied, disabling the Ancient Weapon's control center and defeating the High Goblins.
Marius and his men's lament destroying the High-Goblins, becoming the very thing they wished to stop. He then found the order of the monks and led people to a new era of peace and wisdom.
After an unspecified number of years since the events of Knack, Newhaven is under attack by four Titans. Lucas indicates that this was his undoing and Knack fights to help correct their unknown wrong-doings. Six months earlier, Lucas is flying with his uncle Ryder and Knack to an island, through a Goblin infested forest, and uncover a monument dedicated to Marius during the Crystal Wars. As they continue, they find a battlefield from the Crystal War, desecrated with the bodies of the vanguards of the Goblin Army. As they linger around, the army rises from the dead and attack the group. Knack protects them and they escape back the plane, making their way back to Doctor Vargas and Charlotte at a monastery in Norcliff to recount their experience. They all gather at the monastery and meet with two monks, Xander, their overseer, and Ava, their youth leader, and decide to seek a mountain pass in the morning to uncover Ancient Weapons in the area.

Release date

When is Knack 2 game release date?

"Knack 2" video game release date was scheduled to be on September 5, 2017, on September 6, 2017, on September 28, 2017 and on February 27, 2018 published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc..


What are Knack 2 game specifications?

Knack 2 is a single-player video game.

Knack 2 is available for the following platforms: PlayStation 4.

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