"Dragon Quest Builders 2" is an action role-playing sandbox video game by , developed by , and .

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Is there a trailer for Dragon Quest Builders 2?

PlayStation on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 released the trailer for "Dragon Quest Builders 2" you can watch here:
Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4.


What are Dragon Quest Builders 2 gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "Dragon Quest Builders 2" video game gameplay features.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an action role-playing sandbox game as opposed to the Dragon Quest series' typical turn-based style. The games hack-and-slash combat system features two moves; A standard attack, and a "Spinning Slice". The game features the ability for players to find materials and use them to construct buildings and other equipment. New features not found in the previous game include a fast-travel function based on a retro-style map, an optional first-person perspective, underwater exploration, and gliding.
Unlike the first Dragon Quest Builders, the game allows for up to four players to play together cooperatively via online play, as well as wireless play on the Switch version. Players are also able to transfer their game data between compatible game consoles and will gain a special bonus for doing so. Players can visit other players' worlds even on other gaming platforms, though they cannot alter them. They can also share photos made with the in-game photo mode and building plans by posting on a cross-platform bulletin board.
Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes place some time after the events of Dragon Quest II, and centers around a group called the Children of Hargon, who seek revenge for the defeat of Hargon and Malroth by the descendants of Erdrick, by ensuring that all builders are eliminated and that no one be allowed to create anything. Players control either a male or female builder, known as the Hero, who is captured by this group along with all other builders in the world on a ship. The player character escapes, washing up on the Isle of Awakening, where they meet a person named Malroth, who has no memory of his past. Malroth aids the player-character in improving their building powers. After visiting a number of different islands and helping the residents there cast off the beliefs that creation and building are wicked, it is discovered that the world they inhabit is an illusion created by Hargon to protect the soul of the defeated Master of Destruction, none other than Malroth. After a falling out, Malroth abandons the others and the Hero must go after him in an apocalyptic world. After confronting Hargon the hero must battle the monstrous true form of Malroth, but the human side of him resists and allows the Hero to defeat and rescue him. Destroying Hargon and the monstrous form of Malroth together, the Hero and human Malroth return to their friends and sustain the world permanently with their combined powers now that Malroth has learned to build as well.

Release date

When is Dragon Quest Builders 2 game release date?

"Dragon Quest Builders 2" video game release date was scheduled to be on December 20, 2018, on July 12, 2019, on December 10, 2019 and on May 4, 2021 published by Square Enix.


What are Dragon Quest Builders 2 game specifications?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for the following platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

"Dragon Quest Builders 2" video game is rated "PEGI 7", according to the PEGI video game rating system.

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