"Samurai Shodown" is a 2019 fighting video game by and , developed by .

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Is there a trailer for Samurai Shodown?

PlayStation on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 released the trailer for "Samurai Shodown" you can watch here:
Samurai Shodown - Return of a Legend | PS4.


What are Samurai Shodown gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "Samurai Shodown" video game gameplay features.

Similarly to The King of Fighters XIV and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Samurai Shodown features full 3D models moving on a 2D plane.
Samurai Shodown takes place between the events of the 1993 game and Samurai Shodown V and has been cited as a reboot of the series.
The game takes place in 1787, during the Tenmei Era of Japanese history. The entire country is beset by a terrible and looming evil. Fire, ruin and famine ran rampant throughout Japan. Meanwhile, as these events unfold, a sinister cloud envelops the air with a foreboding sense of dread. Shizuka Gozen, the deceased spirit of a young woman who is possessed and trapped in Yomi, (labeled Eternity in the game itself) threatens to destroy Japan. Warriors from all across Japan and beyond the ocean, driven by their own needs and desires, converge to investigate these evil forces and vanquish them.

Release date

When is Samurai Shodown game release date?

"Samurai Shodown" video game release date was scheduled to be on June 25, 2019 published by Bandai Namco Entertainment (Xbox Series X/S) and Athlon Games SNK Corporation (JP).


What are Samurai Shodown game specifications?

Samurai Shodown is a single-player and multiplayer video game.

Samurai Shodown uses Unreal Engine 4 engine.

Samurai Shodown is available for the following platforms: Arcade, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, Microsoft Windows and Stadia.

"Samurai Shodown" video game is rated "M", according to the ESRB video game rating system.

Where to buy and download Samurai Shodown video game?

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