"World of Final Fantasy" is a role-playing video game by , developed by , and .

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Is there a trailer for World of Final Fantasy?

Square Enix UK on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 released the trailer for "World of Final Fantasy" you can watch here:
World of Final Fantasy Launch Trailer - Explore the magical world of Grymoire!.


What are World of Final Fantasy gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "World of Final Fantasy" video game gameplay features.

World of Final Fantasy is a role-playing video game in which players take control of twin siblings Lann and Reynn as they navigate the world of Grymoire. The world is broken up between safe town environments and dungeons with enemies and puzzles. During their travels, Lann and Reynn befriend various monsters called Mirages that they can utilize both in battle and within the navigable environment: examples of this usage include riding larger Mirages as mounts or using them to navigate environmental puzzles. Another element to both puzzles and combat is the ability of Lann and Reynn to freely change size between normal Jiant forms and chibi-style Lilikin form. A recurring location is Nine Wood Hills, the place where Lann and Reynn start their journey, where they keep and organised unused Mirages, purchase items and access the Coliseum to enter fights and capture unique Mirages.
The game's battle system makes use of the Active Time Battle (ATB) system employed by multiple Final Fantasy games. In battle, players control a party of Mirages which can be stacked upon each other to grant various boons in battle while decreasing the number of turns that can be taken. The party can attack freely, use items, and perform abilities using Action Points (AP). The types of Mirages used affect the party's available skills and abilities in battle. Mirages are captured in battle after they have been sufficiently weakened or a particular sequence of actions is taken, and once in the party can be freely named. In addition to standard Mirages are special Mirages that can be temporarily summoned into battle using a full pool of AP: the Mirage remains in battle, replacing the main party, until either the summoner's AP is depleted or the Mirage's health drops to zero.

Release date

When is World of Final Fantasy game release date?

"World of Final Fantasy" video game release date was scheduled to be on October 25, 2016, on October 27, 2016, on October 28, 2016, on November 21, 2017 and on November 6, 2018 published by Square Enix, Inc..


What are World of Final Fantasy game specifications?

World of Final Fantasy is a single-player video game.

World of Final Fantasy uses Orochi engine.

World of Final Fantasy is available for the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

"World of Final Fantasy" video game is rated "PEGI 12", according to the PEGI video game rating system.

Where to buy and download World of Final Fantasy video game?

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