"A Plague Tale: Requiem" is an action-adventure stealth video game by , developed by and .

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Is there a trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem?

Xbox on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 released the trailer for "A Plague Tale: Requiem" you can watch here:
A Plague Tale: Requiem | Launch Trailer.


What are A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay features?

Here is a short review of "A Plague Tale: Requiem" video game gameplay features.

Similar to its predecessor, Requiem is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. In the game, the player assumes control of Amicia and must face against both soldiers from the French Inquisition and hordes of rats that are spreading the black plague. Gameplay is largely similar to the first game, though the combat system is significantly expanded. Amicia is equipped with weapons such as a knife to stab enemies, a sling that can be used to throw rocks, and a crossbow which allows her to easily defeat armoured opponents. Crossbow bolts, throwing pots, and rocks can be combined with alchemical mixtures. In addition to Ignifer and Extinguis, which allows the player to light and extinguish flame respectively, the game introduces tar, which increases the radius of the light source, and can be used to ignite enemies.
Locations are also larger in Requiem, giving players additional options to progress. Stealth is expanded in Requiem. Unlike Innocence, Amicia would not die after being hit once by enemies. She can also return to stealth after she was discovered by enemies, and counter their attacks if she gets too close to them. Amicia's brother Hugo, who has a connection to the plague, can use an ability named "Echo" which reveals the locations of enemies through walls. Hugo can also control the hordes of rats to overwhelm enemies. Similar to the first game, the rats, which are light-averse, play a huge role in the game. Amicia and Hugo must stay in the light, or they will be devoured by the rats. Amicia can use the rats to her advantage, manipulating them to solve puzzles, or even lure them to kill enemies.

Release date

When is A Plague Tale: Requiem game release date?

"A Plague Tale: Requiem" video game release date was scheduled to be on October 17, 2022 and on October 18, 2022 published by Focus Entertainment.


What are A Plague Tale: Requiem game specifications?

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a single-player video game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch cloud, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS.

Where to buy and download A Plague Tale: Requiem video game?

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