"Amnesia: Rebirth" is a 2020 survival horror video game by , developed by .

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PlayStation on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 released the trailer:
Amnesia: Rebirth - Launch Trailer | PS4.

What is "Amnesia: Rebirth" about?

Like The Dark Descent, the game is played from a first-person perspective. The player assumes control of Tasi Trianon, who must wander through desert caves and ancient tombs in order to find the whereabouts of her companions. The game is dimly lit, and players must use light sources, such as Tasi's own fuel lamp, to see clearly and find ways to progress. Players can also scavenge matches, which can be used to light up mounted torches and candles. Players also need to solve various puzzles to progress in the game, and read the notes left by non-playable characters to know more about the story.
Like the first game, Tasi's fear level would build up gradually. Fear would overwhelm Tasi when she walks completely in the dark, causing her to hallucinate and hear whispers in her head. Grotesque images will also pop up in the screen. Solving puzzles, hiding from monsters, and managing light sources can control her fear, preventing such from happening. The game does not feature any combat system and when Tasi encounters a supernatural creature, she could either run or hide. Unlike the first game, when the player is killed, the game would not reload an earlier save point. Instead, it will bring the player a bit forward, allowing the player to skip the monster encounter entirely during the player's second attempt.
The game is set in March 1937, approximately 98 years after the events of The Dark Descent. The story follows Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon, a French archeologist on an expedition in colonial Africa. After her plane crash-lands in a desert in Algeria, she wakes up to discover that all of her companions have gone missing and she has no recollection of what happened immediately after the crash. Determined to find her husband Salim, Tasi braves the dangers of the desert to follow the trail of her expedition. As she navigates a cave, Tasi realizes she has somehow come into possession of a Traveler's Amulet, an alien device that allows her to travel through Rifts to a dead alien world. She also discovers that she is pregnant. Tasi eventually finds Salim's corpse; he had already succumbed to mortal wounds he suffered in the plane crash. Distraught, Tasi continues on to try and find the rest of the expedition.
Upon exiting the cave, Tasi comes across an abandoned French fort and quickly discovers the entire garrison had been slaughtered by some unknown force. She manages to get into contact with an expedition survivor, Dr. Metzier, who instructs her to head to a nearby village he had managed to find. Tasi travels deep under the fort to find an exit, and soon encounters grotesque and mutated ghouls that stalk the tunnels. She is able to make her way out of the fort, but is caught in a cave-in and falls into ancient ruins that once belonged to a highly advanced but now extinct society. As she studies the ruins, Tasi learns that the facility was built by an alien race dubbed the Gate Builders, who had the ability to traverse worlds and extend their lives thanks to the power of vitae, a substance which they obtained by torturing humans on a mass scale. However, some unknown calamity caused the Gate on their homeworld to malfunction and destroy itself, wiping out the Gate Builders and spreading the Shadow, a dangerous force that manifests in red tumor-like growths. Tasi also comes across signs of a previous expedition led by Professor Thurston Herbert, where Daniel broke the Orb and incurred the Shadow's wrath. She also discovers to her horror that one of her expedition members, Leon, was turned into a ghoul. She also rescues another expedition member, Richard, but ends up killing him in a rage when he betrays her and attempts to leave her to die.

When is "Amnesia: Rebirth" released?

"Amnesia: Rebirth" was scheduled to be released on October 20, 2020 (worldwide) by Frictional Games.

What are "Amnesia: Rebirth" game specifications?

It is a single-player video game.

This video game is available for the following platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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