"Weathering with You" is a 2019 Japanese animated romantic fantasy film directed by Makoto Shinkai.
The starring cast includes Kotaro Daigo as Morishima Hodaka, Nana Mori as Amano Hina, Tsubasa Honda as Natsumi Suga, Sakura Kiryu as Amano Nagi, Sei Hiraizumi as Detective Yasui, Y没ki Kaji as Detective Takai, Sumi Shimamoto as Mrs. Mamiya, Moe Katsuragi as Moka Suga, Ryohei Kimura as Scout Man Kimura, Kana Hanazawa as Kana and others.

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Is there a trailer for Weathering with You movie?

GKIDS Films on Monday, January 06, 2020 released the trailer for "Weathering with You" you can watch here:
Weathering With You - January 15.

Plot summary

What is Weathering with You movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Weathering with You" movie plot summary.

In June 2021, first year high schooler Hodaka Morishima escapes K艒zu-shima in order to get away from his troubled home life to Tokyo. When his ferry to the city is hit by a rainstorm, he is saved by Keisuke Suga, who gives Hodaka his business card. As Hodaka becomes broke and struggles to find work, he meets Hina Amano, an employee of a McDonald's restaurant. She takes pity on him and gives him food. Later on, Hodaka finds an abandoned Makarov PM handgun in a waste bin he fell onto. After arriving at Suga's business location, he meets him there and his niece, Natsumi (Tsubasa Honda). Suga hires him as his assistant at a small occult magazine publishing company, where they investigate urban legends related to the unusually rainy weather in Tokyo. From a psychic, they hear the legend of a "sunshine girl" who can control the weather.
Hodaka sees Hina being intimidated into working at a back-alley club. After a brief chase, he scares off the club owners by firing his gun into the air, thinking it was a toy. He and Hina escape; she takes him to Yoyogi Kaikan, an abandoned building with a shrine on the roof, where he throws the gun away. Hina astonishes Hodaka by demonstrating her ability to clear the sky by praying. Hodaka finds out that Hina lives alone with her brother Nagi, and they have no adult guardian. Seeing how they are in a financial trouble, Hodaka proposes to start a business with Hina with the ability of sunshine girl: a job to clear the weather for events such as weddings and parties. They create a website to accept orders and their business quickly becomes a success. However, when clearing the sky for the Jingu Fireworks Festival, Hina is shown on television and their site gets flooded with requests, so they decide to close their business.


Who plays who in the Weathering with You movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Weathering with You" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Kotaro Daigo  as Morishima Hodaka
Nana Mori  as Amano Hina
Tsubasa Honda  as Natsumi Suga
Sakura Kiryu  as Amano Nagi
Sei Hiraizumi  as Detective Yasui
Y没ki Kaji  as Detective Takai
Sumi Shimamoto  as Mrs. Mamiya
Moe Katsuragi  as Moka Suga (as Moe Katsuki)
Ryohei Kimura  as Scout Man Kimura
Kana Hanazawa  as Kana
Ayane Sakura  as Ayane
Kana Ichinose  as Sasaki
Masako Nozawa  as Fortune Teller
Hidekatsu Shibata  as Kannushi
Ry没nosuke Kamiki  as Taki Tachibana
Mone Kamishiraishi  as Mitsuha Miyamizu
Ry么 Narita  as Katsuhiko Teshigawara
Aoi Y没ki  as Sayaka Natori
Kanon Tani  as Yotsuha Miyamizu
Chieko Baish么  as Fumi Tachibana
Shun Oguri  as Keisuke Suga
Riz Ahmed  as English voice of Detective Takai
Dino Andrade  as English voice of Priest
Kentaro Araki  as Araki
Ashley Boettcher  as English voice of Amano Hina
Alison Brie  as Natsumi
Kimberly Brooks  as English Additional Voices
Emma de Paauw  as English voice of Ayane
Brandon Engman  as English voice of Morishima Hodaka
Erin Fitzgerald  as English Additional Voices
Lexie Foley  as English voice of Moka Suga
Barbara Goodson  as English voice of Fumi Tachibana
Victoria Grace  as English Additional Voices
Wayne Grayson  as English voice of Scout Man Kimura
Emeka Guindo  as English voice of Amano Nagi
Catie Harvey  as English voice of Yotsuha Miyamizu
Kyle Hebert  as English voice of Katsuhiko Teshigawara
Faye Mata  as English voice of Sasaki / Additional Voices
Cassandra Lee Morris  as English voice of Sayaka Natori
Joe Ochman  as English Additional Voices
Lee Pace  as Keisuke Suga
Echo Picone  as English voice of Kana
Mike Pollock  as English voice of Detective Yasui
Zeno Robinson  as English Additional Voices
Barbara Rosenblat  as English voice of Mrs. Mamiya / Fortune Teller
Stephanie Sheh  as English voice of Mitsuha Miyamizu
Michael Sinterniklaas  as English voice of Taki Tachibana
Kirk Thornton  as English Additional Voices
Jaden Waldman  as English Additional Voices

Release date

When is Weathering with You movie release date?

"Weathering with You" movie release date was scheduled to be on July 19, 2019 (Japan), on September 5, 2019 (Malaysia), on October 30, 2019 (South Korea), on November 29, 2019 (Spain), on January 16, 2020 (Germany), on January 17, 2020 (United States, Canada) and on May 28, 2020 (Denmark) distributing by Toho-Towa, T艒h艒, GKIDS, Anime Limited, Madman Entertainment, Huaxia Film Distribution, Bac Films, Big Picture 2 Films, CJ CGV Viet Nam, Cineplex Entertainment, Cin茅polis Distribuci贸n, Diamond Films, Digi-Optic Films, Dynit, Edko Films, Encore Films, Golden Village Pictures, Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), Leonine Distribution, Madman Films, Megabox Plus M, National Amusements, Nexo Digital, PVR Pictures, Periscoop Film, Pioneer Films, Selecta Visi贸n, VLG Filmai, Volga Film Ukraine, Waterhole Company, HBO Max, Media Castle and Shout! Factory.


What are Weathering with You filming details?

The duration of the film is 112 minutes. With a budget of 楼1.2 billion, the film grossed over 楼35.11 billion.

"Weathering with You" movie is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Weathering with You movie?

"Weathering with You" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 91/100.

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