"Eternals" is a 2021 American epic superhero film directed by Chloé Zhao.
The starring cast includes Gemma Chan as Sersi, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Barry Keoghan as Druig, Harish Patel as Karun, Kit Harington as Dane Whitman, Salma Hayek as Ajak and others.

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Is there a trailer for Eternals movie?

Marvel Entertainment on Thursday, August 19, 2021 released the trailer for "Eternals" you can watch here:
Marvel Studios' Eternals | Final Trailer.

Plot summary

What is Eternals movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Eternals" movie plot summary.

In 5000 BC, ten human-like Eternals from the planet Olympia are equipped with superpowers and sent by the Celestial Arishem (David Kaye) to Earth, where they are supposed to fight the invasive Deviants. Over the millennia, they protect humanity from the dangers posed by these creatures, but are not allowed to interfere in the development of the world's population. After the supposedly last Deviants are killed in 1500, there is a break within the group, as opinions differ about their responsibility towards the people. They spend the next five hundred years mostly separated from each other, waiting for Arishem to send them back to their home planet.
In the present day, Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) live together in London. After Sersi was left by her partner Ikaris (Richard Madden) over five hundred years earlier, she now has a relationship with Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), who works at the Natural History Museum. When the trio is attacked by the Deviant Kro one evening, Ikaris appears and chases the monster away. Sersi, Sprite, and Ikaris then decide to reunite all Eternals in order to be prepared for the renewed danger. Only Ajak (Salma Hayek) can no longer join the group as she was previously killed by a Deviant.
As the former leader of the group, Ajak gave Sersi the ability to communicate with Arishem. In a conversation with the Celestial, the latter reveals that the primary mission of the Eternals was not to fight the Deviants, but to prepare Earth for "The Emergence." Arishem explains that for millions of years, the Celestials have been planting their seeds in populated planets so that a new Celestial can be born from them. Since the energy of innumerable individuals is required for this, the Celestials sent the Deviants, to destroy the top predators of the planet and thus ensure the development of life. However, the Deviants evolved and became top predators themselves, which is why the Eternals were sent to fight them. As Arishem explains, Earth has now reached the necessary population so that the Emergence - the birth of the Celestial Tiamut and the resultant destruction of the planet - can take place.


Who plays who in the Eternals movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Eternals" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Gemma Chan  as Sersi An empathetic Eternal with a strong connection to humans and the Earth
Richard Madden  as Ikaris One of the most powerful Eternals
Kumail Nanjiani  as Kingo An Eternal
Lia McHugh  as Sprite An Eternal
Brian Tyree Henry  as Phastos An Eternal and an intelligent weapons and technology inventor
Lauren Ridloff  as Makkari An Eternal
Barry Keoghan  as Druig An aloof Eternal
Harish Patel  as Karun Kingo's manager
Kit Harington  as Dane Whitman
Salma Hayek  as Ajak The wise and spiritual leader of the Eternals
Angelina Jolie  as Thena An elite warrior Eternal
Ma Dong-seok  as Gilgamesh (as Don Lee)
Haaz Sleiman  as Ben
Esai Daniel Cross  as Jack
Alan Scott  as Patrick
Hannah Dodd  as Sandra
Adrià Escudero  as Diego (as Adriá Escudero)
Sebastián Capitán Viveros  as Jano
Nikkita Chadha  as Bollywood Star
Zain Al Rafeea  as Mesopotamian Young Man
Alberto Falcon Rodriguez  as Mesopotamian Father
Lucia Efstathiou  as Natural History Museum Student
Orson Rosenberg  as Aztec Child
Ariadna Vadillo Soto  as Ancient Babylon Farmer
Derek Horsham  as Ancient Babylon Smuggler #1
Jeff Mirza  as Gupta Hindu Priest
Ascension Martinez Rubio  as Mesopotamian Grandmother
Ozer Ercan  as Ancient Babylon Smuggler #2
David Kaye  as Arishem

Release date

When is Eternals movie release date?

"Eternals" movie release date was scheduled to be on October 18, 2021 (Dolby Theatre), on November 3, 2021 (Italy), on November 4, 2021 (Germany) and on November 5, 2021 (United States) distributing by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Argentina, Feelgood Entertainment, Forum Hungary, Kinomania, NOS Audiovisuais, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Mexico, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Norway and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Italia.


What are Eternals filming details?

The duration of the film is 157 minutes. With a budget of $200 million, the film grossed over $7.6 million.

"Eternals" movie is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Eternals movie?

"Eternals" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.8/10.

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