"The Bob's Burgers Movie" is a 2022 American animated musical comedy film directed by Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman.
The starring cast includes H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher, Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher, Larry Murphy as Teddy, John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher, Zach Galifianakis as Felix Fischoeder, Kevin Kline as Calvin Fischoeder, David Wain as Grover Fischoeder, Gary Cole as Sergeant Bosco and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Bob's Burgers Movie movie?

20th Century Studios on Monday, April 04, 2022 released the trailer for "The Bob's Burgers Movie" you can watch here:
Official Trailer | The Bob's Burgers Movie | 20th Century Studios.

Plot summary

What is The Bob's Burgers Movie movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Bob's Burgers Movie" movie plot summary.

Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda Belcher (John Roberts) are denied an extension on their loan from First Oceanside Savings Bank, and unless they pay it all in a week, their restaurant equipment will get repossessed. They decide to ask their landlord, Mr. Calvin Fischoeder (Kevin Kline), if they can skip rent for the month until they pay the loan. However, after a sinkhole forms in front of the restaurant, a skeleton is discovered in it, and Mr. Fischoeder is convicted for the murder, they won't be able to get the rent skip.
The Belcher children Louise, Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Tina (Dan Mintz) skip school so they can find out who truly committed the murder, which would free their landlord. After some investigation, they ultimately end up in a secret clubhouse underground a ride called the Mole Hill at an amusement park called Wonder Wharf. Calvin Fischoeder, his brother Felix, and their cousin and family lawyer Grover are all hiding out in the clubhouse until the two brothers can flee the country because of the murder charge. Louise sees a photo that shows Grover wearing a cufflink that was found on the skeleton, revealing that he was in fact the murderer.
Meanwhile at the restaurant, Bob, Linda and their friend Teddy (Larry Murphy) prepare to sell burgers at Wonder Wharf using a portable food stand, in an attempt to come up with the money for the loan and rent. They make a good amount of money, but after being chased by carnies, run into the Mole Hill and fall into the secret clubhouse.
Grover, now pointing a speargun at his seven hostages, reveals his plan: to frame Calvin, kill him and Felix, burn the Mole Hill using a fuse and get the family trust money. He decides that the plan can continue as normal, but the Belcher family must be killed as well. Calvin and Felix are first placed into the submarine designed to drown them, giving the Belchers time to escape. Grover chases the Belchers on go-karts, and in the end buries them in the sinkhole in front of their restaurant. The family is launched out by breaking a water main and they head back to the Mole Hill. Louise stops the fuse from burning down the Mole Hill, the police send Grover to jail and save the Fischoeder brothers from drowning, and the family pays the loan.


Who plays who in the The Bob's Burgers Movie movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Bob's Burgers Movie" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

H. Jon Benjamin  as Bob Belcher / Jimmy Jr. / Bad Kuchi Kopi / Good Kuchi Kopi / Ms. Labonz / Additional Voices
Dan Mintz  as Tina Belcher
Eugene Mirman  as Gene Belcher
Larry Murphy  as Teddy / Additional Voices
John Roberts  as Linda Belcher / Jocelyn / Additional Voices
Kristen Schaal  as Louise Belcher
Zach Galifianakis  as Felix Fischoeder
Kevin Kline  as Calvin Fischoeder
David Wain  as Grover Fischoeder
Gary Cole  as Sergeant Bosco
Paul F. Tompkins  as Short Carnie
John Q. Kubin  as Mickey
Nick Kroll  as Scary Carnie
Craig Anton  as Mr. Dowling
David Herman  as Mr. Frond / Robot / Additional Voices
Jaime Moyer  as Ticket Seller Lady
Brian Huskey  as Regular-Sized Rudy
Bobby Tisdale  as Zeke
Stephanie Beatriz  as Chloe Barbash
Jordan Peele  as Fanny
Rob Huebel  as Dizzy Dog Carnie
Parvesh Cheena  as Potential Customer
Aziz Ansari  as Darryl
Nicole Byer  as Olsen Benner
Robert Ben Garant  as Critter
Jenny Slate  as Tammy
Laura Silverman  as Andy Pesto
Sam Seder  as Hugo
Paul Rudd  as Jericho
Sarah Silverman  as Ollie
Ron Lynch  as Ron
Andy Kindler  as Mort
Ashley Nicole Black  as Harley
Brooke Dillman  as Reporter / Additional Voices
Loren Bouchard  as Additional Voices
Katie Crown  as Additional Voices
Phil LaMarr  as Additional Voices
Hannah Parikh  as Additional Voices
Ben Pronsky  as Additional Voices
Michelle Ruff  as Additional Voices
David Zyler  as Additional Voices (as Dave Zyler)

Release date

When is The Bob's Burgers Movie movie release date?

"The Bob's Burgers Movie" movie release date was scheduled to be on May 17, 2022 (El Capitan Theatre) and on May 27, 2022 (United States) distributing by 20th Century Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Argentina, Hulu, Star+, HBO Max, HKC Entertainment, Kinomania and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany.


What are The Bob's Burgers Movie filming details?

The duration of the film is 102 minutes. With a budget of $38 million, the film grossed over $34.1 million.

"The Bob's Burgers Movie" movie is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Bob's Burgers Movie movie?

"The Bob's Burgers Movie" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7/10.

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