"PAW Patrol: The Movie" is a 2021 Canadian computer-animated action-adventure comedy film directed by Cal Brunker.
The starring cast includes Iain Armitage as Chase, Ron Pardo as Cap'n Turbot, Marsai Martin as Liberty, Yara Shahidi as Kendra Wilson, Tyler Perry as Gus, Randall Park as Butch, Kim Kardashian as Delores, Dax Shepard as Ruben, Will Brisbin as Ryder, Jimmy Kimmel as Marty Muckracker and others.

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Is there a trailer for PAW Patrol: The Movie movie?

Paramount Pictures on Thursday, June 03, 2021 released the trailer for "PAW Patrol: The Movie" you can watch here:
PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures.

Plot summary

What is PAW Patrol: The Movie movie plot?

Here is a short review of "PAW Patrol: The Movie" movie plot summary.

In Adventure Bay, a truck driver named Gus (Tyler Perry) crashes and hangs over the town's suspension bridge. Cap'n Turbot (Ron Pardo) comes across the scene and calls Ryder (Will Brisbin), who sends the PAW Patrol pups into action. Chase (Iain Armitage), the police pup, saves the truck driver.
Meanwhile, in nearby Adventure City, the PAW Patrol's enemy, Mayor Humdinger, had recently been elected mayor. Knowing of Humdinger's infamous wrongdoings in Foggy Bottom, a dachshund named Liberty (Marsai Martin) calls the team. Chase says he is not going due to him having a "history" in the city when he was a little puppy, but Ryder convinces him to go back. The team arrives and gets settled into their new headquarters. Meanwhile, Humdinger uses a device called a Cloud Catcher to clear up the weather so he can do his firework show. The show goes haywire and the team is alerted. They end up being rushed by a traffic jam, and then Liberty arrives and guides them to the City Hall. They manage to take care of the situation but Chase fails to save some people. An infuriated Humdinger tells his henchmen Butch (Randall Park) and Ruben (Dax Shepard) to get rid of the PAW Patrol by any means necessary.
A few days later, Humdinger builds an extension to the subway line with several inversions similar to a roller coaster. It breaks and traps the passengers upside-down. The pups rescue them but Chase freezes and is forced to be rescued by Skye (Lilly Bartlam). Ryder suggests Chase should take a break from his duties, but this greatly upsets him and causes him to run away, but is soon captured by Humdinger's henchmen. The team discovers that a lot of dogs have gone missing and Ryder links them to Humdinger. Liberty gets captured on purpose and is taken to an obedience school-turned-dog jail where she meets snooty valley girl poodle Delores (Kim Kardashian) and rescues Chase and the other dogs chase Ruben and Butch.


Who plays who in the PAW Patrol: The Movie movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "PAW Patrol: The Movie" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Iain Armitage  as Chase
Ron Pardo  as Cap'n Turbot / Mayor Humdinger
Marsai Martin  as Liberty
Yara Shahidi  as Kendra Wilson
Tyler Perry  as Gus
Randall Park  as Butch
Kim Kardashian  as Delores (as Kim Kardashian West)
Dax Shepard  as Ruben
Will Brisbin  as Ryder
Jimmy Kimmel  as Marty Muckracker
Keegan Hedley  as Rubble
Kingsley Marshall  as Marshall
Lilly Bartlam  as Skye
Callum Shoniker  as Rocky
Shayle Simons  as Zuma
Kim Roberts  as Mayor Goodway
Paul Braunstein  as Tough Guy on Subway
Monique Alvarez  as Carmen
Jamillah Ross  as Camerawoman
Josh Robert Thompson  as Technician
Joshua Graham  as Computer Voice
Neil Crone  as Tony
Joe Pingue  as Barney
Charlie Gallant  as Harris
Richard Binsley  as Rocket
Raoul Bhaneja  as Dad
Saara Chaudry  as Daughter
Kevin Duhaney  as Window Washer
Eva Olivia  as Chickaletta / Kitten Catastrophe Crew / Animals

Release date

When is PAW Patrol: The Movie movie release date?

"PAW Patrol: The Movie" movie release date was scheduled to be on August 9, 2021 (United Kingdom & Ireland), on August 19, 2021 (Germany, Hungary), on August 20, 2021 (United States & Canada, North America) and on August 25, 2021 (France) distributing by Elevation Pictures (Canada), Paramount Pictures (worldwide), B&H Film Distribution, Constantin-Film, NOS Audiovisuais, Paramount Pictures Australia, Paramount Pictures Germany, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Pictures UK, Towa Pictures, United International Pictures (UIP), Universal Pictures International (UPI) and Warner Bros. Pictures.


What are PAW Patrol: The Movie filming details?

The duration of the film is 86 minutes. With a budget of $26 million, the film grossed over $41.5 million.

"PAW Patrol: The Movie" movie is rated "G", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about PAW Patrol: The Movie movie?

"PAW Patrol: The Movie" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.4/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 100/100. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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