"The Nightingale" is a 2018 Australian Western film directed by Jennifer Kent.
The starring cast includes Aisling Franciosi as Clare Carroll, Sam Claflin as Hawkins, Baykali Ganambarr as "Billy" Mangana, Damon Herriman as Ruse, Harry Greenwood as Jago, Ewen Leslie as Goodwin, Charlie Shotwell as Eddie, Michael Sheasby as Aidan Carroll, Charlie Jampijinpa Brown as Uncle Charlie, Magnolia Maymuru as Lowanna and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Nightingale movie?

IFC Films on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 released the trailer for "The Nightingale" you can watch here:
The Nightingale - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films.

Plot summary

What is The Nightingale movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Nightingale" movie plot summary.

In 1825, on the eve of the "Black War", Irish convict Clare Carroll (Aisling Franciosi) works as a servant for a Colonial force detachment commanded by Lieutenant Hawkins (Sam Claflin). The unit is visited by an officer to see if Hawkins is fit for promotion. Clare, nicknamed "Nightingale", sings and serves drinks for the men. After work, Clare visits Hawkins to make an inquiry, and he forces her to sing a special song for him. Hawkins makes unwanted advances on her and Clare rebuffs them. She asks about the letter of recommendation that would free her, her husband, and their infant daughter. Hawkins rapes her. Aidan suspects that Clare has been hurt but remains calm when he confronts Hawkins about the letter; however, he fails to sway him.
That night, Aidan engages in a brawl with Hawkins, his second-in-command Sergeant Ruse (Damon Herriman), and Ensign Jago (Harry Greenwood). The visiting officer witnesses the incident and decides that he is unfit for promotion. Hawkins commands Ruse and Jago to gather supplies for a journey through The bush to the town of Launceston, Tasmania, in hopes of negotiating with the officer. Before departing, the soldiers intercept the Carroll family, attempting to flee. Hawkins rapes Clare and bids Ruse to do so as well, which he does. Hawkins shoots and kills Aiden, and commands Jago to quiet Clare's crying baby, resulting in Jago swinging the infant against the wall and killing her. Instructed to kill Clare and "finish things," a hesitant Jago hits her in the head with his rifle butt.
The following morning, Clare awakes. She then reports the incident to a RMP official, but realizes that he's of no help, so decides to seek revenge herself, with the help of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy (Baykali Ganambarr). Clare presents the mission to Billy as her desire to rendezvous with her husband on his journey. At first, Clare is domineering toward Billy, but their mutual hostility dissipates and they gradually bond as they learn about each other's tragic upbringings, with both gaining an increased appreciation for each other's culture. Billy tells Clare that his actual name is Mangana, Palawa kani for "blackbird", the yellow-tailed black cockatoo, and that he wishes to go north to reunite with the still-living female members of his people. Meanwhile, the officers recruit three convicts and an Aboriginal, Charlie for their journey. Hawkins takes a liking to one of the convicts, a child named Eddie (Charlie Shotwell), and Ruse kidnaps a woman named Lowanna (Magnolia Maymuru) to be used as a sex slave. Aboriginal men kill one of the convicts and injure Jago in an unsuccessful rescue mission. Hawkins holds Lowanna hostage, then kills her distracting the men. He, Ruse, and the convicts flee, leaving Jago behind. Later, Clare and Mangana stumble upon Jago, whom Mangana assumes is her husband. Clare corners Jago, stabbing and beating him to death. Mangana considers abandoning Clare, but after he learns the true story behind her desire to get revenge, he decides to stay.


Who plays who in the The Nightingale movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Nightingale" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Aisling Franciosi  as Clare Carroll
Sam Claflin  as Hawkins
Baykali Ganambarr  as "Billy" Mangana
Damon Herriman  as Ruse
Harry Greenwood  as Jago
Ewen Leslie  as Goodwin
Charlie Shotwell  as Eddie
Michael Sheasby  as Aidan Carroll
Charlie Jampijinpa Brown  as Uncle Charlie
Magnolia Maymuru  as Lowanna
Luke Carroll  as Archie
Nathaniel Dean  as Stoakes
Maya Christie  as Baby Brigid
Addison Christie  as Baby Brigid
Claire Jones  as Harriet
Eloise Winestock  as Luddy
Matthew Barker  as Goodwin's Ensign
Charles McCarthy  as Convict Violinist
Ben Morton  as Wallace
Matthew Burton  as Outpost Soldier
Terence Monro  as Ruse's Corporal
Jesse Petterd  as Crown Jewels Soldier
Huw Higginson  as Magistrate / Voice Artist
James Edmanson  as 'Bean Pole' Convict
Ben McIvor  as 'Dull' Convict
Sarah Okenyo  as Settler Woman
Matilda Holmes  as Settler Toddler
Ivy Millington  as Settler Baby
Sam Smith  as Sheep Farmer
Jerry Bitting  as Hanging Man 1
Benjamin Creek  as Hanging Man 2
Stefan Dobber  as Stoakes' Subordinate
Xavier Madarrwikka  as Koa
Joseph Barrows  as Possum Man
James O'Connell  as Escaped Convict
Dallas Mugarra  as Mooltee
Terence Perdjert  as Warrior Man 1
Keith Melpi Jabinee  as Warrior Man 2
Kendrick Melpi  as Warrior Man 3
Cathy Adamek  as Woman on Road
Matthew Whittet  as Man on Road
Sonja Ralph  as Well Dressed Woman
Gerard Webb  as Footman
Julia Haywood  as Dead Woman
Marius Bujora  as Dead Man
Richard Sutherland  as Thompson / Settler 1
Danzal Baker  as Captured Man 1 (as Danzel Baker)
Wakarra Gondarra  as Captured Man 2
Buwata Mununggurr  as Captured Man 3
Matthew Sunderland  as Davey / Settler 2
Craig Irons  as Settler 3
Campbell McKenzie  as Settler 4
Andrew Duff  as Settler 5
Alan Faulkner  as Old Man
Maggie Blinco  as Old Woman
Anthony Phelan  as Trader
Christopher Stollery  as Major Bexley
Angel  as Becky
Angelina Long  as Shanty Town Dweller
Ranger  as Bullock
Jeremy Ambrum  as Voice Artist
William Buckingham  as Voice Artist
AndrΓ© de Vanny  as Voice Artist
Morgan Griffin  as Voice Artist
Sam Haft  as Voice Artist
Brenna Harding  as Voice Artist
Brandon McClelland  as Voice Artist
Luke McMahon  as Voice Artist
Aleks Mikic  as Voice Artist
Elizabeth Nabben  as Voice Artist
Preston Russo  as Voice Artist
Hannah Waterman  as Voice Artist
Meyne Wyatt  as Voice Artist
Damien Bolger  as Outpost Soldier
Josh Bull  as Outpost Soldier
William Burke  as Outpost Soldier
Simon Chamberlain  as Outpost Soldier
Andrew Davis  as Outpost Soldier
Aleks Folvig  as Outpost Soldier
John Fitzpatrick  as Outpost Soldier
Zachary Gorman  as Outpost Soldier
Josh Hilby  as Outpost Soldier
Reuben Holford  as Outpost Soldier
Henry Hobgood  as Outpost Soldier
Nicholas Jarvis  as Outpost Soldier
Roman Kuzmanich  as Outpost Soldier
Dylan Lewis  as Outpost Soldier
Mitchell McKay  as Outpost Soldier
James Newall  as Outpost Soldier
Keanu Rain  as Outpost Soldier
Louie Richmond  as Outpost Soldier
Shawn Rooke  as Outpost Soldier
Stuart Self  as Outpost Soldier
Louw Striker  as Outpost Soldier
Matt White  as Outpost Soldier
Ronald Bains  as Chain Gang Convict
Patrick Bradfield  as Chain Gang Convict
Campbell Ferguson  as Chain Gang Convict
Daniel Gavlek  as Chain Gang Convict
Andrew Machen  as Chain Gang Convict
Timothy Mison  as Chain Gang Convict
Simon Rolfe  as Chain Gang Convict
Mark Thomson  as Chain Gang Convict
Sam Anning  as Launceston Townfolk
Barry Batchelor  as Launceston Townfolk
David Blackwood  as Launceston Townfolk
Chris Brooks  as Launceston Townfolk
Anne Blythe-Cooper  as Launceston Townfolk
Paul Cairns  as Launceston Townfolk
Braedon Carter  as Launceston Townfolk
Andrew Casey  as Launceston Townfolk
Jackson Chug  as Launceston Townfolk
Lex Clark  as Launceston Townfolk
Caleb Crack  as Launceston Townfolk
Bob Edwards  as Launceston Townfolk
Keven Francis  as Launceston Townfolk
Ellie Freeman  as Launceston Townfolk
Breanna Geer  as Launceston Townfolk
Carrie Gorman  as Launceston Townfolk
Catherine Grainger  as Launceston Townfolk
Eli Halliwell  as Launceston Townfolk
Sam Herbert  as Launceston Townfolk
Scott Higgins  as Launceston Townfolk
Silas Horsley  as Launceston Townfolk
Amber Jacobs  as Launceston Townfolk
Felix Jarvis  as Launceston Townfolk
Andrew Jenner  as Launceston Townfolk
Brendon Kays  as Launceston Townfolk
Paul Keech  as Launceston Townfolk
Iain Lang  as Launceston Townfolk
Jon Lenthall  as Launceston Townfolk
Taylor Lidstone  as Launceston Townfolk
Ben Masterman  as Launceston Townfolk
John Mullenger  as Launceston Townfolk
Trevor Nlass  as Launceston Townfolk
Luke O'Brien  as Launceston Townfolk
Jack O'Sullivan  as Launceston Townfolk
Matt Picone  as Launceston Townfolk
Hein Poortenaar  as Launceston Townfolk
James Poortenaar  as Launceston Townfolk
John Riley  as Launceston Townfolk
Travis Schmidtke  as Launceston Townfolk
Kieran Slicer  as Launceston Townfolk
Duane Smith  as Launceston Townfolk
Matthew Slotp  as Launceston Townfolk
Andy Vagg  as Launceston Townfolk
Liam Vanderwal  as Launceston Townfolk
Myles Vanston  as Launceston Townfolk
Tony Waller  as Launceston Townfolk
Graham Ware Jr.  as Launceston Townfolk
Jack Weltman-Jansen  as Launceston Townfolk
Jake Whatley  as Launceston Townfolk
Edward Robert Williams  as Launceston Townfolk
Gibson Long  as Shanty Town Dweller
Tommy Morton  as Shanty Town Dweller

Release date

When is The Nightingale movie release date?

"The Nightingale" movie release date was scheduled to be on September 6, 2018 (Venice), on August 2, 2019 (United States), on August 29, 2019 (Australia) and on November 29, 2019 (United Kingdom) distributing by Transmission Films, IFC Films, Condor, Vertigo Releasing, KinoVista, Koch Media, Mongrel Media and Shout! Factory.


What are The Nightingale filming details?

The duration of the film is 136 minutes. The film grossed over $909,847.

"The Nightingale" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Nightingale movie?

"The Nightingale" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.3/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 86/100. The audience also loves the film.

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