"Father Figures" is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Lawrence Sher.
The starring cast includes Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Katt Williams, Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, Harry Shearer, June Squibb, Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, J. K. Simmons and others.

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Is there a trailer for Father Figures movie?

Warner Bros. Pictures on Thursday, September 28, 2017 released the trailer for "Father Figures" you can watch here:
FATHER FIGURES - Official Trailer.

Plot summary

What is Father Figures movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Father Figures" movie plot summary.

Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) are fraternal twins who were raised by their mother Helen as their father died before they were born. Kyle is dating his pregnant girlfriend Kaylani (Jessica Gomes) and is wealthy from royalties for his image on BBQ sauce labels. Peter is a divorced proctologist with a teenage son Ethan (Zachary Haven) who resents him.
Shortly after Helen's wedding to Gene (Harry Shearer), Peter recognizes an actor on Law and Order: SVU from photos of his supposed father and confronts Helen. Helen explains that she had been promiscuous at the time of their conception, and did not want their father involved. When they keep pressing, Helen reveals that their father is Terry Bradshaw.
The brothers fly to Florida to meet Bradshaw, who they encounter at a signing event. Bradshaw is excited to have them as sons. As Bradshaw recounts stories with former teammate Rod Hamilton (Ving Rhames), the brothers realize that Bradshaw had been in Australia at the time of their conception, and thus isn't their father. Bradshaw points out that Roland Hunt (J. K. Simmons), a New York investor, also dated Helen.
As they travel north after contacting Helen about him, Kyle finds that his BBQ sauce royalties deal is ending. Arriving at what they assumed was Hunt's office, they find a boarded-up house. Hunt confronts them at gunpoint until they reveal why they were looking for him. He invites them inside, but expresses his dissatisfaction at having children in front of his mother. As the brothers prepare to depart, they offer to help their father with his repossession service. However, they realize that Hunt is a criminal when he breaks into a Ferrari. As the brothers argue with the owners of the Ferrari, Hunt flees only to feel remorse for abandoning his sons. The brothers steal the Ferrari and hit Hunt who was returning to them. At the hospital, the brothers find that they are incompatible to give Hunt blood, indicating that he cannot be their father. Hunt realizes that he was in prison at the time of their conception, but directs them to find Sparkly P, another of Helen's ex-boyfriends.


Who plays who in the Father Figures movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Father Figures" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Owen Wilson  as Kyle Reynolds Peter's brother
Ed Helms  as Peter Reynolds Kyle's brother and a proctologist
Katt Williams  as an unnamed hitchhiker
Terry Bradshaw  as himself a retired football player and one of the potential fathers of Kyle and Peter
Debra Stipe  as Karen Bradshaw the wife of Terry Bradshaw
Ving Rhames  as Rod Hamilton a friend, retired football player, and ex-teammate of Bradshaw
Harry Shearer  as Gene Helen's new husband
June Squibb  as Mrs. Hunt Roland Hunt's mother
Glenn Close  as Helen Baxter Kyle and Peter's eccentric mother
Christopher Walken  as Dr. Walter Tinkler a veterinarian and family friend
J. K. Simmons  as Roland Hunt a former financial investor, reclusive criminal, and one of the potential fathers of Kyle and Peter
Retta  as Annie Helen and Gene's wedding planner
Jessica Gomes  as Kaylani Kyle's girlfriend
Jack McGee  as Patrick O'Callaghan a retired police officer, the father of Sarah, and one of the potential fathers of Kyle and Peter
Ryan Cartwright  as Liam O'Callaghan one of Patrick's sons
Zachary Haven  as Ethan Peter's teenage son
Ryan Gaul  as Sean O'Callaghan one of Patrick's sons
Ali Wong  as Ali Dr. Tinkler's nurse
Katie Aselton  as Sarah O'Callaghan the daughter of Patrick, niece of Kevin, and sister of Sean and Liam
Robert Jon Mello  as Mr. Jensen
Mary Grill  as Katherine
Ann McKenzie  as Sheila
Sarah Skeist  as Pretty Flight Attendant
Jo Helton  as Elderly Woman (as Jo Wintker)
Hannah Black  as Field Hockey Girl #1
Sarah Stipe  as Field Hockey Girl #2
Essence Wallace  as Field Hockey Girl #3
Robert Pralgo  as Ferrari Owner
Niki Davis  as Ferrari Owner's Wife
Donna Duplantier  as ER Doctor
Robert Walker Branchaud  as Officer #1
B'nard Lewis  as Officer #2
Andrew Wilson  as Hotel Desk Clerk
Taylor Treadwell  as Kelly
Jim France  as Father McManus

Release date

When is Father Figures movie release date?

"Father Figures" movie release date was scheduled to be on December 13, 2017 (TCL Chinese Theater), on December 22, 2017 (United States), on January 4, 2018 (Hungary), on January 11, 2018 and on February 15, 2018 (Germany) distributing by Warner Bros. Pictures, InterCom, BF Distribution, Corazรณn Films, DMG Entertainment, Karo Premiere, Kinomania, Paris Filmes, Seven Network, Warner Bros. F.E. and Warner Home Video.


What are Father Figures filming details?

The duration of the film is 113 minutes. With a budget of $25 million, the film grossed over $25.6 million.

"Father Figures" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.

Principal photography began on October 5, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia.


What are critics and audiences saying about Father Figures movie?

"Father Figures" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 17/100. The audience dislikes the film either. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B-" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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