"Johnny English Strikes Again" is a 2018 action spy comedy film directed by David Kerr.
The starring cast includes Rowan Atkinson as Jonathan English, Ben Miller as Jeremy "Angus" Bough, Olga Kurylenko as Ophelia Bhuletova, Jake Lacy as Jason Volta, Emma Thompson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Adam James as Pegasus, Matthew Beard as P, Amit Shah as Samir, Pippa Bennett-Warner as Lesley, Roger Barclay as Sebastian Lynch and others.

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Is there a trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again movie?

Universal Pictures on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 released the trailer for "Johnny English Strikes Again" you can watch here:
Johnny English Strikes Again - Official Trailer #2 - In Theaters October 26.

Plot summary

What is Johnny English Strikes Again movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Johnny English Strikes Again" movie plot summary.

Seven years after the events of Reborn, a cyber attack exposes MI7's field agents, forcing the agency to reinstate older inactive agents, including Johnny English. Now a geography teacher, he secretly trains his students in espionage.
Accidentally incapacitating the other retired agents, English is the sole agent left to accept the mission. He insists on his old sidekick and MI7 clerk, Jeremy Bough (Ben Miller). Collecting their equipment, including explosive jelly babies and a tracker disguised as a Sherbet Fountain, English and Bough leave behind their mobile and drive an old Aston Martin to France to investigate.
They arrive at the Hotel Magnifique in Antibes, where the cyber attack originated. Undercover as waiters, they steal a mobile with a photo of the next target, the Dot Calm yacht, and English accidentally sets fire to the restaurant. Sneaking onto the yacht, he and Bough are caught by Russian operative Ophelia Bhuletova (Olga Kurylenko), but escape after seeing many computer servers.
Pursuing Bhuletova's electric BMW through the countryside, English and Bough run out of fuel. She finds them, arranging to meet at the Hotel de Paris in Cagnes-sur-Mer. While English meets her at the hotel bar, Bough discovers she is a spy, but English rejects his suspicions. Attempting to kill him, she fails after he takes a pill making him hyperactive.
Further cyber attacks force Theresa May to solidify an agreement with Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta (Jake Lacy), to be revealed during a forthcoming G12 meeting.
Learning Volta owns the Dot Calm, and suspecting he is behind the cyber attack, English and Bough return home. Seeking proof, they must infiltrate Volta's mansion. In preparation, English is given a virtual reality exploration of the building. However, he unintentionally leaves the simulation room, assaulting various people whilst in the virtual environment (including battering the manager of a local cafe with two baguettes, and commandeering an open-top bus by pushing the tour guide off the top deck).


Who plays who in the Johnny English Strikes Again movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Johnny English Strikes Again" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Rowan Atkinson  as Jonathan English Esq., a geography teacher and retired MI7 agent
Ben Miller  as Jeremy "Angus" Bough an MI7 agent and former assistant to English
Olga Kurylenko  as Ophelia Bhuletova
Jake Lacy  as Jason Volta a Silicon Valley tech billionaire
Emma Thompson  as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Adam James  as Pegasus the head of MI7
Matthew Beard  as P weapon expert of MI7
Amit Shah  as Samir assistant to the Prime Minister
Pippa Bennett-Warner  as Lesley secretary to Pegasus
Roger Barclay  as Sebastian Lynch
Irena Tyshyna  as Sebastian Lynch's Companion
Gus Brown  as The headmaster at the school
Vicki Pepperdine  as Lydia Bough's wife and a Royal Navy officer
Michael Gambon  as Agent Five
Charles Dance  as Agent Seven
Edward Fox  as Agent Nine
Pauline McLynn  as Mrs. Trattner
Kevin Eldon  as MI7 Night Duty Agent
Noah Spiers  as Baggaley
Kendra Mei  as Ibadulla
Alfie Kennedy  as Straker
Jasmine Brightmore  as Dowling
George Turner  as Hattersley
Rua Robertson  as Ridley
Adam Greaves-Neal  as Tomlinson
Nifemi Bankole  as Obasanjo
Didier Marty  as Hotel Magnifique Valet
Melody Lebeau  as Hotel Magnifique Waitress
Dan March  as Senior Waiter
Miranda Hennessy  as Tara
Jack Fox  as Geoffrey
Jules de Jongh  as Xander
Tibu Fortes  as Kitchen Staff #1
Adrian Mackinder  as Chef in Yacht
Jean-Toussaint Torre  as Kitchen Staff #2
Tristam Summers  as Yacht Crewman #1
Darryl Foster  as Yacht Crewman #2
Maria Pavelin  as French Waitress
James Pariera  as Café Diner #1
Olivia Le Andersen  as Café Diner #2
Emily Outred  as Café Diner #3
Christophe Gasser  as French Cyclist #1
Julien Romeo  as French Cyclist #2
Ako Mitchell  as Alvin
David Mumeni  as Fabien
Maria McColgan  as Woman in Bookshop Lift
James Eeles  as Café Employee
Laura June Hudson  as Old Lady
Jonny Sweet  as Tour Guide
Daniella Bowen  as Meeting Room Person #1
Paris Iris Campbell  as Meeting Room Person #2
Alison Ward  as Meeting Room Person #3
Alan Emrys  as Tony
Neil Edmond  as Driving Instructor
Cavan Clerkin  as Castle Guard
Eddie O'Connell  as G14 Nation Diplomat #1
Junichi Kajioka  as G14 Nation Diplomat #2
Chris Hayward  as G4S Security Guard
Peter Singh  as Officer Kohli
Hiba Chader  as Newman (as Hiba Chandler)

Release date

When is Johnny English Strikes Again movie release date?

"Johnny English Strikes Again" movie release date was scheduled to be on October 5, 2018 (United Kingdom) and on October 10, 2018 (France) distributing by Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic, Universal Studios, B&H Film Distribution, Columbia Pictures, Finnkino, NOS Audiovisuais, Sony Pictures Releasing, Toho-Towa, United International Pictures (UIP), Universal Pictures Argentina, Universal Pictures International (UPI), Westec Media Limited, CStar, Canal+, Focus Features, HBO Max, Moviemax Family, Peacock and TV5.


What are Johnny English Strikes Again filming details?

The duration of the film is 89 minutes. With a budget of $25 million, the film grossed over $159 million.

"Johnny English Strikes Again" movie is rated "PG", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Johnny English Strikes Again movie?

"Johnny English Strikes Again" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.2/10.

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