"All the Money in the World" is a 2017 crime thriller film directed by Ridley Scott.
The starring cast includes Michelle Williams as Gail Harris, Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty, Mark Wahlberg as James Fletcher Chace, Romain Duris as Cinquanta, Timothy Hutton as Oswald Hinge, Charlie Plummer, Charlie Shotwell, Andrew Buchan as John Paul Getty II, Marco Leonardi as Saverio Mammoliti, Giuseppe Bonifati as Giovanni Iacovoni and others.

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Is there a trailer for All the Money in the World movie?

Sony Pictures Entertainment on Friday, December 22, 2017 released the trailer for "All the Money in the World" you can watch here:

Plot summary

What is All the Money in the World movie plot?

Here is a short review of "All the Money in the World" movie plot summary.

In 1973, 16-year-old John Paul Getty III, grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), who is at that time the world's richest private citizen, is kidnapped in Rome by the 'Ndrangheta, a Mafia-like organized crime group and secret society based in Calabria; a ransom of $17 million is demanded. His mother, Gail Harris (Michelle Williams), is unable to pay the ransom, as she rejected any alimony in exchange for full custody of her children when she divorced her husband, John Paul Getty Jr., in 1971 over his drug addiction. She travels to Getty's estate to beseech him to pay the ransom but, stating that it would encourage further kidnappings of his family members, he instead asks Fletcher Chace (Mark Wahlberg), a Getty Oil (Cherise Silvestri) negotiator and former CIA operative, to investigate the case and secure Paul's release. The media picks up on the story, with many believing Gail to be rich herself and blaming her for the refusal to pay the ransom.
Paul is kept hostage in a remote location in Italy. Initially, his captors, particularly Cinquanta (Romain Duris), are tolerant with him because his quiet and submissive demeanor causes them few problems. However, things grow increasingly tense as weeks go by without the ransom being paid, far longer than the captors anticipated. Arguments arise over whether to move Paul to a new location as winter is approaching and their hideout is not suitable for cold conditions. One of the kidnappers accidentally shows his face to Paul, and he considers killing Paul so he cannot be identified, but one of the other kidnappers kills him first. His burned and disfigured body is recovered in the river; investigators erroneously identify the body as Paul's, but Gail examines the body and refutes this.


Who plays who in the All the Money in the World movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "All the Money in the World" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Michelle Williams  as Gail Harris Getty III's mother
Christopher Plummer  as J. Paul Getty Getty III's grandfather
Mark Wahlberg  as James Fletcher Chace Getty's security adviser, Gail's ally, and a former CIA operative
Romain Duris  as Cinquanta one of Getty III's abductors
Timothy Hutton  as Oswald Hinge Getty's attorney
Charlie Plummer  as John Paul Getty III
Charlie Shotwell  as John Paul Getty III (Age 7)
Andrew Buchan  as John Paul Getty II
Marco Leonardi  as Saverio Mammoliti the Capobastone of the 'Ndrangheta's Mammoliti 'ndrina, one of Getty III's abductors and Cinquanta's boss
Giuseppe Bonifati  as Giovanni Iacovoni
Nicolas Vaporidis  as Il Tamia 'Chipmunk'
Andrea Piedimonte Bodini  as Corvo (as Andrea Piedimonte)
Guglielmo Favilla  as Piccolino
Nicola Di Chio  as Kidnap Van Driver
Adele Tirante  as Prostitute Maria
Alessandra Roca  as Prostitue #1
Francesca Inaudi  as Prostitute #2
Stacy Martin  as Nancy Getty's Secretary
Maya Kelly  as Aileen Getty (Age 6)
Kit Cranston  as Mark Getty (Age 4)
Ginevra Migliore  as Ariadne Getty (Age 2)
Francesco Bomenuto  as Rome Hotel Butler
Clive Wood  as Bullimore
David Brooks  as Playboy Interviewer
Cherise Silvestri  as Secretary Getty Oil
Roy McCrerey  as Attorney Getty Oil
Anna Devlin  as Aileen Getty (Age 15)
Stanley Treshansky  as Mark Getty (Age 13)
Josie Sayers  as Ariadne Getty (Age 11)
Paola Scotto di Tella  as Gail's Housekeeper
Daniel Gosling  as Telegraph Reporter
Kim Fenton  as Daily Mail Reporter
Oliver Ryan  as BBC Reporter
Ghassan Massoud  as Prince Al-Rashid
Bakar Qabbani  as Prince Al-Walid
Adam Astill  as Getty Oil Landman
Olivia Grant  as Millicent (Getty's Starlet #1)
Charlotte Beckett  as Annie (Getty's Starlet #2)
Francesca Esposito  as Woman at Calabrian Ruin
Alessio Montagnani  as Italian Reporter #1
Antonio Lanni  as Italian Reporter #2
Giuseppe Gandini  as Italian Reporter #3
Paolo Bernardini  as Police Tech Officer
Alessandro Grespan  as Communist in Car
Lorenzo Pedrotti  as Communist #1
Rachele Studer  as Communist #2
Giulio Base  as Coroner
Ciro Fortunato  as SWAT Officer
Olivia Magnani  as Factory Woman
Giampiero Judica  as Sgrò
Rainer Sellien  as Otto Lam
Giannina Facio  as Otto Lam's Assistant
Ilir Jacellari  as Grocer
Enzo Attanasio  as Barn Man
Monica Nappo  as Barn Woman
Marco de Leo  as Musician
Maurizio Lombardi  as Mammoliti's Doctor
Fabio Farronato  as Constable
Valeria Vaiano  as Constable's Wife
Mario Opinato  as Sotheby's Appraiser
Valentina Violo  as Newspaper Editor's Secretary
Matteo Carlomagno  as Newspaper Editor
Alex Marchi  as Newspaper Photo Editor
Dean Kilbey  as Post Man
Dominic Cazenove  as Press Conference Host
Damiano Schiozzi  as Roadside Kid
Gino Nardella  as Villager #1
Chantal Ughi  as Villager #2
Riccardo De Torrebruna  as Carabinari Captain (as Riccardo de Torrebruna)
Lorenzo Patané  as Museum Shop Attendant (as Lorenzo Patane)
Jonathan Aris  as Conservator

Release date

When is All the Money in the World movie release date?

"All the Money in the World" movie release date was scheduled to be on December 18, 2017 (Samuel Goldwyn Theater), on December 25, 2017 (United States) and on January 5, 2018 (United Kingdom) distributing by Sony Pictures Releasing (North America and United Kingdom), STXinternational (International), ACME, Blitz, CatchPlay, Cinemaxx, Cinemundo, Diamond Films, Forum Film Slovakia, Golden Screen Cinemas, Golden Village Pictures, Huaxia Film Distribution, Impuls Pictures, Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK), Kadokawa, Lenta, Lucky Red, Metropolitan Filmexport, Mongkol Major, Monolith Films, Myndform, Odeon, PVR Pictures, Pancinema, Pinema, Pro Video Film & Distribution Kft., Roadshow Film Distributors (NZ) Ltd., Roadshow Films, Romaly, SF Film Finland, SF Norge A/S, SF Studios, Svensk Filmindustri (SF), TOBIS Film, Times Media Films, Vertical Entertainment, Viva International Pictures, Volga Film Ukraine, Canvas, Noori Pictures, Remain In Light, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Searchers, Universum Film (UFA) and Yleisradio (YLE).


What are All the Money in the World filming details?

The duration of the film is 135 minutes. With a budget of $50 million, the film grossed over $57 million.

"All the Money in the World" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about All the Money in the World movie?

"All the Money in the World" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.8/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 80/100. The audience also likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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