"Prisoners of the Ghostland" is a 2021 American neo-noir Western action film directed by Sion Sono.
The starring cast includes Nicolas Cage as Hero, Sofia Boutella as Bernice, Bill Moseley as Governor, Nick Cassavetes as Psycho, Tak Sakaguchi as Yasujiro, Charles Glover as Enoch, Young Dais as Ratman, Cici Zhou as Chimera, Louis Kurihara as Curi, Tetsu Watanabe as Nabe and others.

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Is there a trailer for Prisoners of the Ghostland movie?

RLJE Films on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 released the trailer for "Prisoners of the Ghostland" you can watch here:

Plot summary

What is Prisoners of the Ghostland movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Prisoners of the Ghostland" movie plot summary.

In a region in Japan devastated and quarantined years ago in an accident in which highly volatile nuclear waste was spilled after a crash between the waste transport and a prison bus, a settlement called Samurai Town is ruled by an unscrupulous Governor (Bill Moseley) who has blended elements of Japanese society (both modern-day and pre-modern) and the old American West together at his whim, and is keeping a harem of adopted "granddaughters" as his sex slaves. The outside is a wasteland known as the Ghostland, inhabited by half-crazed outcasts and victims of the irradiated environment. Just before the catastrophe, Hero (Nicolas Cage), a criminal, was imprisoned in the aftermath of a botched bank robbery where his partner Psycho (Nick Cassavetes) brutally murdered several innocent bystanders. It is later revealed that Psycho was in the prison transport which collided with the waste truck and thus set off the disaster.
One night, Bernice (Sofia Boutella), one of the "granddaughters", flees from the Governor's house with her friends Stella (Lorena Kot么) and Nanci, only to get stranded in the Ghostland. The Governor has Hero released to retrieve Bernice from the Ghostland, and outfits him with a bodysuit which is set to detonate explosive charges in case he mistreats Bernice in any way, the suit itself is tampered with, or Bernice has not been rescued within five days. When departing, Hero undertakes a parting gesture of defiance against the Governor which impresses Yasujiro (Tak Sakaguchi), the Governor's samurai bodyguard whose sister is one of the Governor's "granddaughters".


Who plays who in the Prisoners of the Ghostland movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Prisoners of the Ghostland" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Nicolas Cage  as Hero
Sofia Boutella  as Bernice
Bill Moseley  as Governor
Nick Cassavetes  as Psycho
Tak Sakaguchi  as Yasujiro
Charles Glover  as Enoch
Young Dais  as Ratman
Cici Zhou  as Chimera
Louis Kurihara  as Curi
Tetsu Watanabe  as Nabe
Takato Yonemoto  as Sheriff Takato
Hiroshi Kaname  as Gumball Boy
Yuzuka Nakaya  as Susie
Lorena Kot么  as Stella (as Koto Lorena)
Canon Nawata  as Nancy
Ilsa Levine  as Bernice's Mother
Shin Shimizu  as Deputy Shin
Matthew Chozick  as Matthew
Voisin Constant  as Constant
Carraz Maya  as Young Bernice
Makoto Nishimura  as Action Samurai
Grace Santos  as Angel
Suzuki Ichika  as Bank Clerk
Risa Yajima  as Bank Clerk
Saki Ohwada  as Bank Clerk
Amiru Ito  as Bank Customer / Samurai Gunman
Hiraku Nishimoto  as Bank Customer
F没saku Tani  as Bank Security Officer (as Fusaku Tani)
Mikiya  as Bank Security Officer
Chiho Fujii  as Chimera's Servant
Mion Ooyama  as Chimera's Servant
Mado Karasumori  as Chimera's Servant
Miyoshi  as Chimera's Servant
Matsuri Kohira  as Chimera's Servant
Nakamura Riku  as Chimera's Servant
Kenji Got么  as Clock Tower Leader (as Kenji Goto)
Kazunari Tosa  as Clock Tower Man
Hanai Nitohei  as Clock Tower Man
Christina Virzi  as Crystal
Red  as Deputy
Anarchy  as Deputy
Nuutti Aleksis  as Enoch's Servant
Marion Katel Contentin  as Geisha Girl (as Marion Katel)
Pamela Asahi  as Geisha
Saiko Yatsuhashi  as Geisha
Y没ko Yoshii  as Ghostland Nursery Teacher (as Yuko Yoshii)
Arao Natsuki  as Girl
Kaori Tokudome  as Governor Caller
Izumi Yumeno  as Governor Girl
Sakurai Riri  as Governor Girl
Hiiragi Mako  as Governor Girl
Sen Fujimaru  as Governor Girl
Asahi Momoka  as Governor Girl
Tsukino Yamamoto  as Governor Girl
Jai West  as Jay
Lisa  as Mannequin Woman
Shibata Riko  as Mannequin Woman
Seike Marina  as Mannequin Woman
Yurie Fukamachi  as Mannequin Woman
Taniguchi Koji  as Merchant
Yamade Noriko  as Merchant
Kirasagi Emiri  as Moru
Emerson Nakamo  as Moru's Father
Ayana S么gawa  as Ninja (as Ayana Sogawa)
Saionji Mai  as Ninja
Takara Karin  as Ninja
Seina Suzuki  as Ninja
Leo  as Raimi
Yuto Endo  as Ratman Ichiro
Tatsuhiro Yamaoka  as Ratman Jiro
Motomura Yusuke  as Ratman Saburo
Daisuke Izumi  as Ratman Shiro
Hideyuki Kobashi  as Sam
Eiki Narita  as Samurai
So Kaku  as Samurai
Onotsuka Masato  as Samurai
Takahiro Konishi  as Samurai
Osamu Narimatsu  as Samurai
Shimozono Chinaru  as Geisha Gal
Narisa Suzuki  as Geisha Gal
Hosoda Eri  as Geisha Gal
Seike Reona  as Geisha Gal
Hiroko Yano  as Geisha Gal
Hanaoka Ritsu  as Geisha Gal
Takashima Mario  as Geisha Gal
Shigeta Riyo  as Geisha Gal
Michiko  as Geisha Gal
Yurino  as Geisha Gal
Mikoto Ise  as Geisha Gal
Ayaha Yamamoto  as Ghostland Child
Kurumi Shimizu  as Ghostland Child
Hiyori Shimizu  as Ghostland Child
Ojiro Enomoto  as Ghostland Child
Kazuma Nobuhara  as Ghostland Child
Mantani Riku  as Ghostland Child
Nawai Kenshin  as Ghostland Child
Yorozuya Shu  as Ghostland Child
Kawai Kokona  as Ghostland Child
Yuki Matsuura  as Ghostland Child
Cyborg Kaori  as Ghostlander
Mochizuki Miyuki  as Ghostlander
Kayama Eiji  as Ghostlander
Barolia Rahul  as Ghostlander
Hyppolite Gordon  as Ghostlander
Rika Yoshida  as Ghostlander
Tennoji Hajime  as Ghostlander
Ryuichi Araki  as Ghostlander
Hiroki Yoshida  as Ghostlander
Saaya Hirayama  as Ghostlander
Leflore Jonathan  as Ghostlander
Tada Shingo  as Ghostlander
Junko Kimoto  as Ghostlander
Nagai Shoya  as Ghostlander
Kanako Konaka  as Ghostlander
Shun Kitagawa  as Ghostlander
Kazuo Kuroda  as Ghostlander
Takeshi Kuroda  as Ghostlander
Keiko Taniguchi  as Ghostlander
Tatsuya Kojima  as Ghostlander
Wadazumi Kota  as Ghostlander
Tatsuya Matsumura  as Ghostlander
Maaya Murasaki  as Ghostlander
Yamato Kuwamura  as Ghostlander
Takeshita Makoto  as Ghostlander
Yasuho Nihei  as Ghostlander
Antaramian Melinda  as Ghostlander
Imai Yu  as Ghostlander
Miwa Komai  as Ghostlander
Scotto Antonio  as Gunman
Michael Filosa  as Gunman
Aoi Yo  as Gunman
Goto Ryunosuke  as Gunman
B.T.  as Gunman
Shedrick Desi  as Gunman
Jeffrey Rowe  as Gunman
Teruaki Ogawa  as Gunman
Junichi Takakusagi  as Gunman
Tomoyasu Yamamoto  as Gunman
Keishi Miyamoto  as Gunman
Toshiki Hirose  as Gunman
Ikumi Takahashi  as Samurai Town Child
Keijiro Fukutomi  as Samurai Town Child
Koa Miyahara  as Samurai Town Child
Konon Miyahara  as Samurai Town Child
Kurea Woods Sugita  as Samurai Town Child
Minori Takahashi  as Samurai Town Child
Misaki Uemura  as Samurai Town Child
Noeru Ishida  as Samurai Town Child
Noguchi Yasuhiro  as Samurai Town Child
Reio Fukumaru  as Samurai Town Child
Karatsu Riko  as Samurai Town Child
Kudo Rintaro  as Samurai Town Child
Ryunosuke Takahashi  as Samurai Town Child
Tanaka Tsubasa  as Samurai Town Child
Yamamoto Yuto  as Samurai Town Child

Release date

When is Prisoners of the Ghostland movie release date?

"Prisoners of the Ghostland" movie release date was scheduled to be on January 31, 2021 (Sundance) and on September 17, 2021 (United States) distributing by RLJE Films, Bitters End, Umbrella Entertainment and The Searchers.


What are Prisoners of the Ghostland filming details?

The duration of the film is 103 minutes. The film grossed over $39,922.

Principal photography began on November 6, 2019, in Japan, with S么hei Tanikawa serving as cinematographer.


What are critics and audiences saying about Prisoners of the Ghostland movie?

"Prisoners of the Ghostland" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 4.4/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 76/100.

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