"The Outsider" is a 2018 action thriller film directed by Martin Zandvliet.
The starring cast includes Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, Rory Cochrane, Emile Hirsch, Kippei Shiina, Min Tanaka, Shiori Kutsuna, Young Dais, Kippei Sh卯na, Shioli Kutsuna and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Outsider movie?

Netflix on Thursday, February 22, 2018 released the trailer for "The Outsider" you can watch here:
The Outsider | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is The Outsider movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Outsider" movie plot summary.

In 1954, two years after the Allied occupation of Japan, Nick Lowell (Jared Leto) is the only non-Japanese inmate in an Osaka prison. Most of his fellow inmates are yakuza criminals, recognizable by their irezumi tattoos. Nick saves a yakuza named Kiyoshi (Tadanobu Asano) from being hanged to death; the Shiromatsu, a yakuza clan to which Kiyoshi belongs, repays his debt by arranging Nick's release. He is also offered a job: Anthony Panetti (Rory Cochrane), an American businessman with a deep hatred for the Japanese, has refused to negotiate a deal with the Shiromatsu but has agreed to a deal with a different clan, the Seizu, because they sent an American negotiator. Nick goes to speak with him, but ends up violently beating Panetti on the head with a typewriter just a minute into the conversation instead, assuring Kiyoshi that he'll reconsider.
When a group of Seizu clan members arrive from Kobe to intimidate the Shiromatsu at their nightclub, Nick attacks one of them, nearly causing a shootout. Kiyoshi takes a liking to Nick, giving him an expensive apartment to live in and a suit to wear. He further entrusts Nick with driving his drunk sister Miyu (Shioli Kutsuna) home after he catches her partying at the Shiromatsu club. Nick spends the night with her and slowly gets more involved with the Shiromatsu clan, becoming one of their enforcers alongside Kiyoshi. He continues his relationship with Miyu and gets an irezumi tattoo on his back to match hers.
The Shiromatsu come under pressure from rival yakuza families, largely due to the aging Shiromatsu patriarch's refusal to adapt to the rapidly changing post-war economy. Kiyoshi sends Nick to the harbor to handle a black market weapons deal, where he is ambushed by four Seizu members, killing two. To avoid a war with the Seizu and as an apology to their patriarch, Nick and Kiyoshi perform an act of yubitsume. The severed fingertips are sent to the Seizu patriarch, who accepts them. Nick is taken to a countryside temple, where he becomes a full member of the Shiromatsu through an initiation ceremony.


Who plays who in the The Outsider movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Outsider" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Jared Leto  as Nick Lowell a former U.S. Marine captain
Tadanobu Asano  as Kiyoshi a senior member of the Shiromatsu clan
Rory Cochrane  as Anthony Panetti the American owner of a scrap metal plant
Emile Hirsch  as Paulie Bowers an American Marine lieutenant
Min Tanaka  as Akihiro Shiromatsu the elderly patriarch of the Shiromatsu clan
Young Dais  as Takeshi
Kippei Sh卯na  as Orochi
Shioli Kutsuna  as Miyu
Ray Nicholson  as American Stock Broker
Nao Ohmori  as Hiromitsu
Masaki Miura  as Kentaro
Shun Sugata  as Prison Warden
Hiroya Shimizu  as Banjo
Hiro  as Satoru
Hiroshi Sogabe  as Ship Worker
Hiroko Kono  as Hostess
Hiroshi Date  as Kakeoya
Hiroki Sakimura  as Sumo Wrestler
G么 Jibiki  as Eiichi
Yasushi Fuchikami  as Ryo
Eita Okuno  as Ko
Syodai Hori-Ren  as Mitsuda
Kohji Katoh  as Work Gang Guard
Nozomi Fukuda  as Bath House Guard
Yu Tokita  as Prison Guard
Motokatsu Suzuki  as Escort Guard
Kyo Hirayama  as Nick's Solitary Guard
Kazuhiko Ozaki  as Lanky Prisoner
Akihisa Muramoto  as Head Prison Guard
Mackenzie Sheppard  as American Kid
Akito Hibiki  as Kabuki Actor 1
Yuka Hibiki  as Kabuki Actor 2
Omusubi  as Kimura
Kazuya Tanabe  as Japanese Stock Broker
Ch没kichi Kubo  as Silk Tailor
Aima Li  as Chinese Prostitute
Ry没 Tominaga  as Bouncer
Taiy么 Sait么  as Young Boy (as Taiyo Saito)
Hachiz么 Hino  as New Cell Mate
Eishin  as Shiromatsu
Shuichiro Masuda  as Shiromatsu
Yasushi Takada  as Shiromatsu
Taku Watanuki  as Shiromatsu
Y没ta Kuba  as Shiromatsu
S么tar么  as Shiromatsu
Ry没hei Watabe  as Shiromatsu (as Ryuhei Watabe)
Yoji Yamada  as Shiromatsu
Kentez Asaka  as Seizu
Shoichi Honda  as Seizu
Haya Nakazaki  as Seizu
Takayuki Suzuki  as Seizu
Burger Hasegawa  as Seizu
Y没ki Ikushima  as Seizu
Haruka Uchimura  as Seizu
Mai Kikuchi  as 12 Year Old Girl
Nozomi de Lencquesaing  as Gambling Hall GI
Jonathan McDowell  as Gambling Hall GI
Keita Arai  as Miyu's Dance Partner
Momoka Ayukawa  as 19 Year Old Prostitute
Hokaze Yamada  as 19 Year Old Prostitute
Saki Tanaka  as Young Woman
Shuna Iijima  as Hostess
Waki Katakura  as Hostess
Kaori Tsubaki  as Hostess
Azusa Inamura  as Hostess
Keisaku Kimura  as Nakabon
Haruki J么  as Sakazuki Mediator
Takayuki Ichihara  as Sumo Wrestler
Satoshi Matsuba  as Sumo Wrestler
Atsushi Kunori  as Sumo Wrestler
Yuji Sakata  as Sumo Wrestler
Kazumasa Sato  as Sumo Wrestler
Toshihiko Sagawa  as Gyoji
Yoshiharu Jogo  as Yobidashi 1
Yasuhiro Takamura  as Yobidashi 2
Haruna Ayane  as Geisha (Painted Tattoo)
Aya Fujimura  as Geisha (Real Tattoo)
Ai Honda  as Geisha (Real Tattoo)
Maki Aoyama  as Stripper
Miss Cabaretta  as Stripper
Mikiko  as Stripper
Natsuo  as Stripper
Acha  as Stripper
Tsubasa Arisaka  as Stripper
Momiji Ino  as Stripper
Mai Miori  as Stripper
Yukino Shinohara  as Stripper
Maico Tsubaki  as Stripper
Ryouhei Kayashima  as Wadaiko Drummer
Masaru Nishiguchi  as Wadaiko Drummer
Yugo Shirosaki  as Wadaiko Drummer
Daiki Tsujimura  as Wadaiko Drummer
Aya Mukai  as Wadaiko Drummer
Enzo Shirosaki  as Wadaiko Drummer
Andrij Sonoda  as Wadaiko Drummer
Risa Yoshida  as Wadaiko Drummer
Masaru Enjoji  as Musician
Yoshihito Fukumoto  as Musician
Haguregumo Nagamatsu  as Musician
Takashi Satake  as Musician
Isao Takei  as Musician
Hisayo Yamada  as Musician
Kenichi Fukami  as Musician
Teddy Kumagai  as Musician
Toshiyuki Sakai  as Musician
Kazuhiko Takeda  as Musician
Shigeru Terauchi  as Musician

Release date

When is The Outsider movie release date?

"The Outsider" movie release date was scheduled to be on March 9, 2018 distributing by Netflix.


What are The Outsider filming details?

The duration of the film is 120 minutes.

Principal photography began in Tokyo, Japan in late September 2016.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Outsider movie?

"The Outsider" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.3/10.

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