Sierra Burgess Is a Loser is an American teen comedy-drama film directed by Ian Samuels.
Starring Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth, RJ Cyler, Noah Centineo, Loretta Devine, Giorgia Whigham, Alice Lee, Lea Thompson, Alan Ruck, Mary Pat Gleason and others.

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Netflix on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 released the trailer:
Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Official Trailer | Netflix.

What is Sierra Burgess Is a Loser about?

Sierra (Shannon Purser) is smart and aspirational, and she strives to get admitted into Stanford University. But she is unpopular, and many of her fellow students say that she is unattractive. Sierra is targeted by the criticism - which she answers with wit - and insults - which she sidesteps with charm - of her popular classmate Veronica (Kristine Froseth). Jamey (Noah Centineo) is a handsome football player from another high school; he doesn't know that Veronica has a boyfriend attending college, and so Jamey asks for her phone number. Veronica wants to dodge Jamey's attention, and she also assumes that if Sierra found herself at the center of the handsome young man's attention, then Sierra would become self-conscious and feel ashamed. Thus, Veronica responds to Jamey's request by giving him Sierra's phone number, while misrepresenting it as being her own.
Jamey intends to write a text to Veronica, but instead it is received by Sierra. They exchange messages and they flirt. Although Sierra does understand that Jamey mistakenly believes he's communicating with some person other than herself, she develops a crush on the football player. In band class, Sierra tells her best friend Dan (RJ Cyler) that she has "met a guy" and she explains how it happened. Dan disapproves of Sierra for having concealed the facts from Jamey; he says, "It's called catfishing, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal." Sierra defends herself by saying that Jamey's decisions to engage with her have been based solely on his interactions with her, alone.

Who's in the Sierra Burgess Is a Loser cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.

Shannon Purser Sierra a bright but unpopular teenager
Kristine Froseth Veronica a popular cheerleader and reformed mean girl
RJ Cyler Dan Sierra's best friend
Noah Centineo Jamey a high school quarterback and Sierra's accidental love interest
Loretta Devine Mrs. Thomson Sierra's English teacher
Giorgia Whigham Chrissy Veronica's friend and fellow cheerleader
Alice Lee Mackenzie Veronica's friend and fellow cheerleader
Lea Thompson Jules Osborn-Burgess Sierra's mother
Alan Ruck Stephen Burgess Sierra's father
Mary Pat Gleason Counselor Stevens Sierra's high school guidance counselor
Chrissy Metz Trish Veronica's overbearing and estranged mother
Elizabeth Tovey Brody Veronica's little twin sister
Mariam Tovey Scooter Veronica's little twin sister
Matt Malloy Biology Teacher
Will Peltz Spence
Geoff Stults Coach Johnson
Shoniqua Shandai Brandy
Joey Bell Kenny (as Joseph Bell)
Mario Revolori Rishi
Cochise Zornoza Ty
Joey Morgan Topher
JT Neal Mike
Wolfgang Novogratz Drew
Brandon Thomas Lee Brent
Paul Black Football Player #1
Kyle Colton Football Player #2
Kent van Kuller Track Dude
Matthew Iott Medic

When is Sierra Burgess Is a Loser released in cinemas?

The film Sierra Burgess Is a Loser was scheduled to be released on September 7, 2018 (United States) by Netflix.

What are Sierra Burgess Is a Loser film specifications?

The duration of the film is 105 minutes.

The film Sierra Burgess Is a Loser is rated with "PG-13" rating.

What are critics and audiences saying about Sierra Burgess Is a Loser?

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.8/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 61/100. The audience dislikes the film either.

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